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Follow Your Dream
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Follow Your Dream” is a European Volunteer Service program, which is part of the Mobilizing Young Generations in Action program, and will be carried out by IASIS NGO in Athens having duration of six months. Ten volunteers will participate between the ages of 18 up 30, coming from Spain, Turkey, Germany, Italy and France.The main goal of the program is to give the opportunity to young people, which are coming from different countries, to discover the needs of vulnerable social groups and minorities (eg mentally ill, asylum seekers, single parents, etc.) and to raise awareness. Additionally, if participants follow a similar career path, they will gain experience and skills in realistic working environment, such as timekeeping and the implementation of brief «projects» in a particular time. One of the main objectives are the volunteers receive professional and personal skills. The program will be based at non-formal education and the volunteer's activities will include supporting the beneficiaries according to their needs. More specifically, in the case of Boarding house, where hosts people with mental retardation and mental disorders, the activities of volunteers will focus on enhancing t the functionality of the beneficiaries. This will be achieved through the organization and accompaniment of beneficiaries in cultural and entertainment events, learning basic skills for an autonomous life and through psychosocial rehabilitation groups. Within both the shelter of asylum seeker and the shelter "MELLON" which hosts immigrants and accompanied children, volunteers will handle creative groups, psychosocial support sessions and they have the opportunity to organize cultural, entertainment and sporting activities. Also, the volunteers, in Youth Day Center "Passe-partout", will provide courses, entertainment events and activities, groups which focus on issues that concern young people and teenagers. Besides the daily activities, the volunteers will co-operate workshops and seminars to the community. They could make connection with other social services or organizations that work at the same field. One more important they could do is to find sponsors for the needs of beneficiaries. Through the implementation of this program we expect the transfer of knowledge, skills and empathy for vulnerable social groups to the country of volunteers origin. Young people, participating in such programs, are launching a social volunteering chain, which will have an impact at national, but also at European level.



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