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Follow the White Rabbit
Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In this project we can offer two different tasks that will be structured as follows:Activity number 1. Start in April 2016. 4 volunteers will rotate witha balanced sheet between the farm and social day center Passepartout1) Social Farm (Viterbo) - ALICE. Volunteers will support Alice's staff in helping, supporting and controlling the activities of people with mental illness or following recovery paths (usually young adults or adults). Together they participate in normal activities on the farm: planting and harvest vegetables, animal care, selling the prodcuts in the farm shop or helping with the preparation of G.A.S., Italian acronim for ethical purchasing groups, manual jobs such as the maintenance of the greenhouse.2) The center of Montefiascone Passepartout is designed to accommodate people with mental disabilities and Down syndrome. In the center volunteers will have the opportunity to participate in many types of activities: art workshops, painting, drawing, recycling workshop, cooking, sports, for there is also plenty of space for outdoor activities. In the day center the volunteer may propose activities or laboratories, using his skills and expertise in favor of the cooperative. Always in Montefiascone Alice manages the nonsolocavallo equestrian center where the volunteers, if they wish, can help in pet therapy activities on Tuesday or Friday afternoon.Activities start number 2. Start in June 2016. 4 volunteers, 2 for activities that will rotate every three months. In this way the volunteers can do activities with everyone and can experience the farm in two different seasons, which makes sense especially in the farm.1) Farm Montalto di Castro: ORTOSTORTO. Therapeutic use of agricultural practices. In the social farm the normal activities are to provide health, social services or education for a number of vulnerable groups and provide a supervised, structured program of agricultural activities. The aim of social farming is to promote mental and physical health by giving people the opportunity to spend time to work on the land. Alice Ortostorto organization can provide supervision, structured programs of agricultural activities, including breeding, cultivation and vegetable production and forest management. Volunteer will work with people who have mental illness. Here are also the activities connected with the pet therapy and sports and outdoor activities.2) Second type of activity is host in a youth center CAG Tarquinia, where cooperative Alice runs a rehabilitation center for mental illnesses and physical. Here Alice is involved in the organization of creative workshops and artistic, in order to support social activities in favor of disabled people. There will be two types of activity, one is an art workshop and this year will be strongly linked to painting and a workshop to develop autonomy (every year is different and this year theme will be theater). Also in this secodn activity we can organize shifts for nonsolocavallo.The activities on farms are mostly similar however the users of the two farms are different, as in the farm of Viterbo there are mostly people with cognitive delays and rehabilitation from addictions. In Ortostorto at Montalto users is represented by persons with Down syndrome and patients with psychiatric syndromes. The farm of Viterbo is also a sales center, where volunteers can do business and help operators to manage the purchasing groups. Recently they have also a laboratory for processing products which volunteers will have the opportunity to see and experience.A Montalto activities are mainly focused in agricultural production, there is the part about transformation but on the other hand there are the animals that produce milk and a small processing workshop of dairy products.The two centers instead are completely different, Cag in Tarquinia hosts disabled with psychiatric disorders and motor but the afternoon is open to young people because it ia also a youth center. There is a rehearsal room, a multimedia room and a computer.In Passepartout Montefiascone there are adults with mental disabilities and Down syndrome. We organize many workshops, there is space for the development of a personal project for the volunteer and for outdoor activities.For both types of activity it is possible to do activities also at NONSOLOCAVALLO in Montefiascone where Alice performs on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon hippotherapy in a riding. On such occasions the two groups can meet enlarging the intercultural meeting scope.



10 Participants partenaires