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Folkuniversitet Mob INT
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The skills development is moving fast forward and a lot of our acquired knowledge is aging at the same time. The Lifelong learning has been highlighted in Sweden as well as Europe in order to meet the economic development of continuous updating of the knowledge and education of the citizens. The ongoing globalization, the new communication technology and the increasingly important need to participate in various networks puts new demands on us as an educational and training organization. Lifelong learning, a multicultural perspective, integration and sustainable development are core values in sour society and for our public educational work. For Folkuniversitet it is important to put these terms in an international perspective in a revised international framework which should be the basis for an intensified internationalized study work in the upcoming years.We want to give the opportunity to 54 students in advanced VET educations in Imaging and commercial photographer to perform their LIA in Europe during 12 and 24 weeks. We also want to give the opportunity to 25 of our teachers within the same programs to gain experience and input for training and for the sake of method development.We also need an international dimension to our creative courses in arts, dance, music and theater. Therefore, we want 10 teachers from these programs participating in the project to set the start off of an internationally richer content also in these programs. All 35 teachers will, in groups of five, during a one week period, interact with equivalent educational organizations and visit organizations in their educational fields to gain and share input.Before each mobility, all students and teachers, will be working from, previously issued cases/questions, produced by the management. Input from these cases will be compiled and served as a basis for further development of the international dimension. Case-result will be discussed with our national industry associations and be implemented in the programsThe goal of the project for our students is:- Give new insights and knowledge and the ability to apply them in practice- Creating conditions to self-initiate and develop international networks- Enhance understanding of different cultures and social systems- New knowledge and experience in their respective professions- Adapt to a changing professional role and a fast changing media worldThe goal of the project for our teachers:- Increasing interest in international cooperation and new contacts and projects- Contribute to the professional and personal development- Wider perspectives and reflection on their own work- Transfer of creative methodsThe goal of the project for the Folkuniversitetet:- Offer programs with an clear international profile- Create an understanding of the conditions in various countries and international relations- Enhance understanding of the conditions for sustainable development- Establish and develop cooperation with internationally oriented organizations in Sweden- Collaborate with organizations abroad, especially in Europe, with similar goals


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