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Förderung interkultureller Kompetenzen von Personen in beruflicher Ausbildung und Arbeitnehmern in Europa
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

One hundred and twenty students from the Academy for Vocational Education as well as twenty three trainers, teachers and personnel managers will partake in this mobility project. The apprentices and trainees will gain international work experience through an internship in another European country. Most of the participants do their training within the German dual system in the following professions: office management assistant, industrial business management assistant, management assistant in real estate, management assistant in wholesale and foreign trade, IT specialist, management assistant in warehousing and logistics or media designer. These professions have had internships as a recognised component of their final international qualification for many years at AFBB. The number of participating students will be extended to include nursery nurses. The internship aims to extend the professional, linguistic and most of all the intercultural competences of the participants in order to enhance their job opportunities after qualification. For that purpose the students, who will be in their second year during the internship period, will work for 4 weeks in a foreign company in Britain (London, Bournemouth or Brighton) or in Dublin/Ireland after comprehensive preparation by the sending institution. The placements will be chosen according to the professional field of the training and the specific needs of the participants. With regards to improving intercultural competences and the command of the English language, accommodating the students in host families is very beneficial. The placements into the companies and the host families is done by our British and Irish co-operation partners LAF, English2000, Workplacements UK and Alaymont International. We have had reliable and effective partnerships with these institutions and with most of the placement companies for many years. Corresponding to the internationalisation strategy of the sending institution, vocational education and training personnel is being included in the international mobilities. During their week abroad the trainers, teachers and personnel managers will get to know the British system of vocational education and training, they will study the procedures of the internships of the vocational students and will deepen their own linguistic and intercultural competences. Together with our professional partners AFBB has a wide experience of conducting mobility projects. Tested procedures together with the joint implementation of quality assurance tools ensure a successful project. The intercultural experiences gained in the personal and professional surroundings in the host countries by the beneficiaries promote opinion-building with respect to the European idea and the tolerance towards other cultures and values. The large number of beneficiaries and the subsequent multiplier effects of this project add to the Europeanisation of the vocational education and training.



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