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Focus on Skills and Competence
Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Focus on Skills and Competence offers students in initial vocational education and training (VET) an on-the-job learning (OJL) or study period in another European country. The group of participants will consists of students in the second or third year of initial VET representing all educational branches of Salpaus; The Arts, such as Clothing and Goldsmithing, Laboratory technicians, Tourism, Catering, Beauty Care, Business Administration and IT, Carpentry and Furniture, Construction and Housing Technology, Metal and Machinery, Electrical Engineering, Automation and ICT, and Transport and Logistics. The benefitsfor the participating students is to; 1. practice new vocational/professional and life long learning skills, 2. strengthen their competence for employment and continuing studying, 3. practice language, communication and multicultural skills for better competence in active citizenship, tolerance and personal growth, 4. better understanding of the European cooperation, labour market context and European vocational requirements, and 5. be better adaptable to continuously changing labour market needs and life long learning. As a result, the students' prepardness and awareness of linguistic, cultural, cognitive and social factors contributing to successful employability outside their home country will improve. At local, regional and national level, the aim of the project is to continue testing and implementing the ECVET-system into the international practices of Salpaus Further Education. The aims are to; 1. specify exactly the content and learning outcomes of each OJL and study period - in terms of knowledge, skills and competence -, 2. further develop the assessment of the achieved learning outcomes and, 3. further develop the processes of recognition and validation of learning outcomes achieved abroad during OJL or studying period. At an organisational level, this project will benefit both the students and staff of Salpaus in developing the international school concept; the preparatory course for international learning periods will be offered as a voluntary course for all students and obligatory for those going abroad. The learning outcomes of European and international placements will be shared in workshops, classes and tutorials for disseminating the new techiques, latest machinery, equipment and tools, new learning environments and arrangements for learning, in addition to the personal portfolio, blog, learning diary and Mobility Tool report. The curricula and learning content will develop in Salpaus more European and international, that facilitates for students' choise of personalised international learning paths. The students will have valuable experience of on-the-job-learning abroad, with upgraded LLL-skills and vocational/professional competence. As an education provider, Salpaus will gain a vast set of tested information on ECVET and recognition, transparency and certification of learning outcomes. This will have a direct impact on the international practices of Salpaus and its European partners in new innovative curricula, educational methods and development of training. The receiving partners, all of which have signed the Partnership Quality Commitment, have been carefully selected based on their earlier experiences in student mobility and international activities and strategy to cooperate according to this work plan for VET learners in companies and vocational institutes. This student mobility is organised in conjuncture with the ongoing EPRO ECVET for Professional VETPRO in Salpaus during 2013-2015; EPRO faciliates teacher and staff mobility of one-week work placement in receiving organisations to compare the units, knowledge, skills and competence -matrixes, and to agree upon a common practise in student assesment. Thus deepening the co-operation of FoSC project partners in concluding the Memoranda of Understanding.



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