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FLORNETs mobility for florists and gardeners 2016
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Who:A) 34 students of Vea and BLOK ( B) 36 staff members of the college and from BLOKC) Host partners: FLORNET as a cooperation between more then 30 partner colleges in floristry/horticulture in AT, CZ, DE, EE, ES, FI, FR, GB, HU, IT, LU, NL, NO, SE, SI, SK, EL and their regional network (• Individual aims: following a part of their curriculum abroad /carrying out qualifying activities in the host country, studentso gather practical work experience in floristry on the level of technical master/shop manager o test out their own personal didactical competences in an authentic learning situation o investigate/analyse the management of a flower shop abroad (according to the curriculum of Vea EQF 3/5)o carry out and compare the different technical ways of working (making hand tied bouquets, wreaths, garlands, corsages, bridal bouquets, funeral arrangements, event decorations, etc.) abroado study the Corporate Identity (CI, CD, CB, CC of the company)• Main aims: of the mobility are o to fulfil the college curriculum based on national and international needso to develop international key competenceso to integrate education by emphasizing European citizenship and entrepreneurshipo to increase cultural awarenessAt the college Weihenstephan exchange of students is a structural and encouraged part of its mission statement. During this project ECVET systematics will be integrated in education of the college, i.e. by using LA qualifying activities and learning outcomes are defined. • National needs: o The achievement of higher levels of employability and flexibility to learn skills in authentic environments are priorities of this projecto experiencing new customs and using foreign languages stimulates to become more open to other ways of living/using flowers, other cultures, and to other points of viewo obtaining various social/cultural experiences in a new cultural environment• European needs: o enhancement of the quality of education in floristry, of professional level and social status in floristryo exchange of professional and cultural knowledge, transparency of educational systems, supporting the development of EQF and ECVET systematics• Expected outcome: o new understanding of craftsmanship and use of aesthetical design will be useful for an innovative approach to students’ future challenges/tasks in floristry. o students become more employable, open minded and skilled European craftsman, able to use of each other’s knowledge and experience (knowledge circulation) through an international approach.• Where: FLORNET members and their regional network like: flower shops, interior design companies • When: placements takes place between 01.06.2016 and 31.05.2018 The duration and timing of the placements has to fit into the curriculum. This mobility project offers every student the possibility for a stay abroad of 3 weeks. Per week they are 1 day at the college, the other 4 days in a company.Staff member: Main aims:o study and experiences competency based teaching methods and the role of staff members in the assessments and practical examso develop international key competences, become international competento support developments in EQF and ECVET by studying the host countries’ educational systems and the offer of education and use of pedagogies of the host school. They compare various systems to get insights into European teaching programmeso detect label and recognize elements in the curricula of the own and the host school. Staff members of both schools compose ECVET unitso improves expertise within their profession which increases their employability.Above mentioned aims have a huge impact on the curriculum, the strategies and vision of involved partner schools.When: 1 week fitting in the college plan; between 01.06.2016 and 31.05.2018Sector and national needs:The priorities of LLP lie in the area of transparency in our college’s curriculum. With the development of authentic learning all countries are developing methods of teaching/competence orientated learning. It also supports the single framework of transparency of levels of EQF and the development of ECVET within XXnational floristry.European needs:Establishing circumstances in which a participant is able to enhance his/her (teaching) skills. This ensures his development to become an employable, open minded and skilled staff member. They have an important role in education of students to become ready for the European labour market.The main project idea is to enlarge the professional, didactical and pedagogical qualifications of the individual staff member and team of staff. The goal of the study trip is related to their individual career development and to increase the quality of education and co-operation between institutions providing learning opportunities, companies and professional branch associations throughout EU.



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