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FLORNET´S Mobility in Europe - Weihenstephan
Date du début: 1 juin 2014, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Staatliche Fachschule für Blumenkunst Weihenstehan (DQR Level 6) offers for florists a 2-year career advancement to become a "State certified Designer for floral art" as a full-time course. (= Technical Master of Professional in Floristry) The main goal is to prepare students for leadership roles in business, so that they get able to handle complex requirements in a professional way and be able to act on the national / international market. Within the project "FLORNET'S Mobility in Europe - Weihenstephan" short "FloME 2014 - Weihenstephan 2014" the participants got the opportunity to carry out a professional and curriculum-oriented study abroad. The granted ERASMUS + KA1-Mobility program 2014-2016 allowed 19 students and 1 teacher going abroad in the professional field Florist /arts and crafts. Target countries were: FI, NO, AT, ES, NL, and EE. In 2015, on the 1st Flow, 12 students were given the opportunity during a 3-week stay abroad to gain professional and cultural experiences. On the 2nd Flow in 2016 7 students received thispossibility for 3 weeks, too. These experiences could be collected by working in a Flower shop/ company, visiting and / or giving lessons in floristry in the host school and the participation in subject-specific cultural programs. For students: The goal was to know and understand the differences and similarities in the floristic design, the culturally conditioned confrontation with flowers and plants, as well as corporate governance, know organization and entrepreneurial behavior in the market. At the same time it was another important aim to know the training structure in companies and the school of the host country. Content: Working in a flower shop / specialist companies at training level 4-6 (EQF): • Learning of tasks, requirements and services that are connected to the individual employee positions • analysis of the business situation in terms of purchasing / marketing, customer structure, product range, marketing and service • Comparison of the different structures and organization of companies abroad • corporate philosophy (CI, CD, CB, CC) • Learning about culturally determined aspects of flower using - the use of colour and shape in floristry / Design - the artisanal u. design principles (floristry of mourning, wedding, room and table decorations, plantings, events) - the range design and merchandise display • Dealing with cultural conditions of the host country - the creative use of flowers and plants (visiting museums, botanical gardens,..) • Compare contents of the floristic education, pedagogical concepts and qualifications of the respective training in schools and enterprises Result: • good basis for developing new own design ideas • good basis for developing new artisanal techniques, technical design • use the international experience for their own start-ups and • integrate it in their own business concepts • introduce new impulses in their own professional life • use the new knowledge about different trade routes for their own marketing strategies • use new professional contacts for the professional technical exchange - for example, in Internet platforms • to be able as a future instructor/ educational mentor to assess how useful and usable a stay abroad is Certification: Euro Pass / internship certificate of foreign BFG / Professional; Activities List / List of Task, Certificate of the Staatliche Fachschule für Blumenkunst Weihenstephan For the teacher: The objectives were to compare the levels of training in-company training and activities as well as the similarities and differences in school education and training. Another objective was the improvement of stays abroad of students and their recognition in accordance with the guidelines ECVET or the European Qualifications Framework EQF. Result: • experience in competence-based training and the use in their own school • Comparison and development of curricula • the cooperation between the Staatliche Fachschule für Blumenkunst Weihenstephan and the flower companies is strengthened on the organisational and content level • the learning outcomes of the returning students can be better assessed and validated by the supervising teacher/ mentor • the new acquired knowledge were discussed in the staff team and checked for possible application in their own school, to improve their own organization • new ideas for the teaching content, the evaluation and the methodology of teaching • maintaining and improving the quality in the daily work with the students, by understanding cultural diversity • improved language skills • increased motivation and job satisfaction In conclusion, the application targets have been achieved for all involved participants and institutions.



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