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Flood Awareness and Prevention Policy in border areas (FLAPP)
Date du début: 31 août 2004, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2007 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The network is seeking to contribute to common European strategies for flood risk management, especially in border areas where flood-related issues are likely to arise. It intends to achieve this by enabling those responsible for European river systems and their feeders to exchange information and experience. FLAPP also expects that its work will influence a new European flood water directive. Achievements: Achievements so far The FLAPP network consists of 35 organisations in 12 different countries. The project runs from December 2004 until December 2007. Aim is to exchange experiences between local and regional experts on flood management in border areas and to define policy recommendations. Main activities organised so far: - 5 half-yearly FLAPP conferences. The final conference took place in Zaragoza, Spain, on 13-14 June '07. Subject was 'Improving flood management across borders; Challenges for an integrated river basin approach in Europe'. The final results of the FLAPP network were presented to partners, decision makers and external stakeholders. Other EU projects were invited to present their results during a project market and thematic workshops. The last day was dedicated to create new project proposals to ensure further cooperation in the future. This successful and inspiring conference was combined with two interesting study visits, one in the Navarra region and one in Zaragoza. - 18 study visits and 5 expert meetings. For example, during an expert meeting in Jan. '07 in Belgium FLAPP partners discussed tools / guidelines for authorities to inform their citizens about what they can do before, during and after floods. These generic products can be used by any authority in Europe and are available on the website; - 70 'good practice' examples have been collected and uploaded in the project database on the extranet by 23 different FLAPP partner organisations. These concern several aspects of flood risk management. In addition, 67 feedback reports were completed on the extranet with lessons learned by 37 different persons as a result of exchange activities. The feedback reports give a good first impression on the effect the FLAPP network has on its members. Example quote: 'In our region (and in allmost all of our country) public awareness is only provided for the public in a very generic way. The examples of OPW Ireland and the other good examples we discussed in our working group provided a great 'step up'.' - The final project book and inventory studies about flood policies in Europe, cross border flood mapping, sustainable flood management and existing monitoring systems in Europe have been published and can be downloaded from the FLAPP website; - To disseminate FLAPP results to other authorities and to ensure further cooperation in the future, brainstorm sessions and workshops were held to identify and further develop new project ideas with FLAPP partners and 'newcomers'. Three FLAPP dissemination and capitalisation meetings have taken place. The follow-up ideas have been published on the FLAPP website:; - The FLAPP website will continue to exist for 5 years after the project duration.



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