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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project Flip&Movie has the aims of joining and integrating the present-day necessity of better utilizing the ICT and of encouraging in young people and in the teachers the creativity, the innovation and a European dimension of learning. It arises from the need of a literacy in the mother- tongue and in foreign languages in order to promote the increase of communication skills that imply the textual, fluent, pragmatic, sociolinguistic, strategic competence in coherence with the principles of an active citizenship and with the objectives ET 2020. The project intends that children pursue the media literacy: knowledge acquisition, ability and required competences in order to use and to interpret media, a critical literacy that involves also analysis, valuation competence and critical consideration. This is a project that wants to come out from classical, national ways of teaching and wants to open both partner schools and local community where schools are settled ,made of networks,contacts,families and institution, to the internationalization and modernization of the school. By using ICT in the teaching method, FLIP&MOVIE promotes the recovery and the consolidation, during the phase of learning, of basic competences absolute for the understanding and the “real “application of the teaching method for competences. The wish is to go on with the European project Comenius Regio “Leg@mi di parole” that, coordinated by the Regional Scholastic Office Abruzzo has produced in 2013 3 volumes of the formative experience adhering to the campaign “Europe loves reading” promoted by the European Commission of Education Androula Vassiliu. Furthermore with FLIP&MOVIE the project of experimentation “Class Smart Future “will go on - one among 25 involved schools in Italy from Samsung in collaboration with a network of University - in which the innovative methodology of EAS (Episode of Learning Situated ) is practiced. The partnership was build up through sharing a project that has clear aims in the framework of school institutional network with European projects and with eTwinning Action experiences. The coordinator is Istituto Comprensivo Pescara 8 (Italy), the other partner schools are : Osnovna Škola Bartula Kašića Zadar in Zadar( Croatia), Základna škola smaterskou školou Želiarska in Košice (Slovakia) ,Daugavpils 3 vidusskola in Daugavpils (Latvia) , Instituto de Educación Secundaria Palomares in Palomares of Rio (Spain) : schools with international experiences, open to innovation and co-operation, with interests in the same themes and sharing the following objectives: 1.development of the linguistic literacy as strategy of preventing abandonment and scholastic dispersion; 2.development of a permanent learning dimension through the integration of languages and formal / no formal teaching ; 3.promotion of procedures and of exchanges of good practices so that everyone can acquire the fundamental competences necessary to exercise citizenship rights ;4.encouragement of creativity and innovation also through the active and conscious use of digital skills; 5.creation of occasions of real and virtual mobility of pupils in order to improve the communication through the knowledge of the mother-tongue and at least of another community language and putting into practice the co-operation through sharing and exchanging of good practices also for situations of pupils with specific needs; 6.multilingualism ,one among the priority of the European project and a strong symbol of the ambition of European Union to be united in the diversity. The activities are as follows: training and exchange of practices and teaching successful strategies through common labs and exchange of pupils ,achievement of innovative teaching ways ,creation of a logo and of a web space of project, creation of outputs: training kit, collection of stories coming from all European countries, creation of an APP for children, interactive documentary, quarterly newsletter. Through Flip&Movie and underlying products the aim is promoting the co-operation among networks and local,transnational organization, developing and consolidating the sense of European membership, exercising life skills and improving linguistic, digital and relational competences of children and teachers, involving parents in the reading and creative writing passion. The purpose of the project as results is that the suggested methodologies, monitored, documented and lived in the process, would be in the meantime transferable to other schools of the region, of the national territory and in the same way at international level. Among expected results, there is the transfer of results and of methodologies and the transverse collaboration with other subjects in order to increase the experiences and to let others benefit of European projects.



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