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Flexible Modular Master Programme in Technology
Date du début: 15 oct. 2010,

The goal of the Flexible Modular Master in Technology is the development and implementation of a master programme encouraging the mobility of teachers as well as students between universities in the partner countries (PC) Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. A new modular curriculum will be developed and sustainable manufacturing technology programmes will be established for an innovative two-year master programme of execellence in technology reforming the higher education. The Master programme consists in basic and speciality modules. The modular structure of this master (different educational modules independent from each other) gives not only consistency and flexibility to education in manufacturing but also enables an easy implementation in training programmes for vocational education of manufacturing engineers to support the lifelong learning process and to easy introduce a certification process for engineers. The idea is to have a joint Master basic structure having the same educational modules in the three countries and different specialisation fields in each country.This master programme will provide the PC with the EU state of the art education in the field of manufacturing technology (MT), resulting in more flexibility in learning and practical qualification. The enhancement of transparency and comparability of the PC educational systems and the modernisation of the MT studies according to the latest didactical strategies will also facilitate recognition of studies abroad and make the study in PC more attractive. Also the access to the labour market of graduates will be facilitated by focussing the education in manufacturing fields specific for PC industries and fortifying the university-enterprises relationship. In order to strengthen the relations between PC universities and between these and Europe in the field of MT a PC-EU network will be established. The knowledge gained will be implemented in similar cross-cultural technological educational programmes.



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