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Flamenco als ein Instrument zur Inklusion von benachteiligten Gruppen
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The aim of this project is an exchange of knowledge and experiences between professionals within the fields of adult education and health promotion who implement the art of flamenco in an innovative way to promote the social inclusion for disadvantaged groups as well as for those who aim for guaranteeing the development and sustainability of this work. The current state of knowledge and experiences generates itself from educational work on a regional level in different European countries, above all in Seville (Spain), the heart of flamenco in Europe. The goal now is to cross-connect this knowledge and experiences on a European level with the aim to further develop and spread this informal educational intervention, with a particular attention to make use of the cultural resource flamenco, (world cultural heritage) to touch base with deprived social groups and their relatives in a holistic way and at the same time push forward their social inclusion in a sustainable manner. Moreover empiric, promising pilot studies have been carried out by the association "Autoestima Flamenca" under the direction of a psychologist and dancer in Seville. They give empirically grounded guidelines for how Flamenco can be used as a particularly suitable educational intervention to promote the social inclusion of disadvantaged groups. Beside his cultural anchorage Flamenco is also discussed in those pilot studies in its universal communication dimension which is seen as an important power factor. The non profit company Agaplesion-Bethanien-Diakonie plans to send two of their psychological employees, especially working in the department of the relatives academy and the advanced training, for further training and Job-shadowing in Seville. Both participants are also dance-experienced and for some years examinating Flamenco as a particularly suitable resource for promoting informal education and health. Within this project the participants gaines detailed, practical insights into the work of the association "Autoestima Flamenca", as well as got further training in the understanding oft the Flamenco art. They participated in the running groups in "Autoestima Flamenca", their preparations and evaluations with the conductor, as well as in one oft the renowned flamenco academies of Seville. The attained expertise was incorporated by the participants in the already established work with relatives and group offers for people with psychic interference, as well as in advanced training for professionals. The project was successful in promoting its innovative and creative working method within the field of social inclusion and informal learning as well as in promoting the benefits of the european exchange and learning.