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Fito-Klinica for environmental land-use (FITO-KLINIKA)
Date du début: 30 nov. 2009, Date de fin: 29 nov. 2010 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The contribution of agricultural enterprises to the GDP both in Hajdu-Bihar and in Bihor counties is twice as much as the country average. Environmental production systems can be introduced to any enterprise and their advantages can be utilized irrespectively of their size. According to statistics the innovative skill of agricultural enterprises in this region is rather low. In order to manage successfully in the long time environmental production innovations are absolute necessity for small and medium sized farms. These farms (mainly because of lack of human resources) apply information and ecological production standards at a relatively low level. On the other hand environmental pollution and pest damage can occur in either regions (contaminations and pests do not appreciate state borders). A common extension service centre was developed according to demands. Its activity can be expanded and can act as a model for similar developments. Common educational programme and developing process in this proposed project will generate further educational programmes. The general objective of the project is to set up and to operate the common environment management extension centre as non-profit service in order to help building up the environmental production systems for the agricultural enterprises in these regionsTarget groups: small and medium agricultural producers in the above mentioned regions, local consumers.The main specific activities of the project and results are: compilation of educational manuscripts (4-4 themes) in Hunqarian and Romanian (TUDKA); printing the revised educational booklets and CD-ROM as a supplement (1200-1200 copies) in Hungarian and Romanian (BIOTERRA); creation of common databases (TUDKA), 40-hour intensive toxicology and environment management courses and examinations for 60 participants (30 Romanian in Salard, 30 Hungarian in Debrecen) (TUDKA and BIOTERRA); purchase of server computer and accessories (TUDKA); creation and management of Hungarian, Romanian and English WEB pages (TUDKA); final conference of the project in Debrecen (for 100 professionals from Hungary and Romania); printing a book of abstracts.(TUDKA and BIOTERRA).



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