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Fit for work in Europe
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main aim of the multilateral Erasmus+ KA2 project is the preparation of young students who find themselves in the position of job seekers after school or after their apprenticeship. In today´s times of difficult job markets, we aim at opening young people´s horizons towards European employment chances. The project will give a continuous and nourishing effect regarding our students` potentials. They will learn how to be active in their job search and realize their talents and ideals to lead their future career. Students from around Europe will know more about the European market needs and what job positions will be available for them. We consider it a necessity that students are more informed and well-qualified before they graduate from school. There are five participating countries ( Bulgaria, Germany, France, Spain, Turkey) with all together 54 teachers and students taking part in the project activities. The project is addressed to senior students who intend to enter work life in the near future. The participating partners describe their students as coming from a weaker social background or a migrational background and therefore as being dependent on external assistance in the field of job career questions. There will be five project meetings which will promote international relationships and contacts. On the meetings there will be prolonged work sessions during which students will present their research with regard to a fixed working schedule. The schedule includes project modules such as: general employment opportunities in European countries, European labour legislation, information on how to proceed in international job applications and qualifications and, finally, future European job perspectives. Communication among participants and result dissemination will be effected via an e-twinning platform, the social network "facebook", e-mail correspondence and via the project website. A long-term presentation of project results will be realized on the school website. The extraordinary chance given by the project is the offer of an internship, in addition to the knowledge conveyed by the project. This exceeds regular exchange activities and provides a specific intercultural experience to job-seeking youngsters. The long-term benefit of the project consists in the opportunity for each participant and even for external job seekers to profit from the findings by reverting to our project booklet and to our website. The booklet and also the website contains a summary of all research and experience which has been found and gained by our students. The project will therefore pprovide interested students with the chance of avoiding youth unemployment after school, which will have a long-term benefit for the local youth employment. Employers will be more open-minded towards European job applicants and an international network of job contacts will be established.



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