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Fit for life, for myself
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project „Fit for life, fit for my self“ took place in the village of Žermanice near the Frýdek-Místek town in Moraviansilesian region between July 27th and August 6th 2015. 6 countries took part in this project; the Czech Republic, Italy, Malta, Germany, Spain and Sweden. There were 57 people who participated including 13 leaders. This international youth exchange revolved around the topic of healthy lifestyle. The main aims of this project fell into 4 major categories; encouraging the interest in healthy diet- the participants were acquainted with the rules of healthy diet- and encouraging young people to think about their diet and what it consists of. The second aim was to motivate young people to be more interested in physical activities- we presented the participants with non-traditional outdoor activities, but we also presented sport as a mean of making new friends and overcoming one’s limits. The third aim was to show the young people the importance of relaxation and to make them think about their approach towards their body, others and the nature. The last aim was to address the local community- we included young people from the Moraviansilesian region in our project. They took part in some sport activities or even showed us new activities (parkour, hip-hop). The objective of this project was to lead young people towards a reflection of their lifestyle and to help them improve their language knowledge and their knowledge about other cultures. We implied a wide spectrum of methods during our project; the method of informal education, self reflection, several types of workshops where the participants could debate, we also used the method of brainstorming. We furthermore organized 2 visits of one town and one city; Frýdek-Místek and Ostrava. We included outdoor activities (water games, canoeing, hiking in Pustevny, archery, rope center etc.) in our project as well. The beginning of the project was entwined with ice-breaking games. Every game was introduced with an energizer. The outcome of our project was a short movie capturing the whole project and also a website, where descriptions of used games and activities can be found. This website will serve not only to the participants and other young people but also to our partner organizations in their future projects. The whole project was aimed at the participants, organizers, partner organizations and the local community. It made young people think critically about their own lives, critically evaluate their lifestyle and it motivated them to increase their interest in their own bodies, their health and a happy life.



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