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Fit for Europe: Betriebspraktika des Lippe-Berufskollegs 2015-16
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project described is a combination of three projects that have been successfully carried out by the Lippe-Berufskolleg des Kreises Soest in Lippstadt, Germany. All three are quite similar and are now pooled in this application. The project „Auslandspraktikum für Kraftfahrzeugmechatroniker in der Erstausbildung - Irland 2015“ was initiated by the Lippe-Berufskolleg and is aimed at automobile technology apprentices. The head of project is Dr. Frank Heimlich, he is assisted by the Englishteacher Birgit Schönle. The project is based on those of the previous years. It has taken into consideration the positive experiences made, the enormous interest among the apprentices and the positive response by the training companies. Our project partner in Ireland the organisation “Green Horizons” has proven successful. Our counter-parts are Margarete Greancey and Irene O’Connor. Besides the requirement to gain experiences in another training company there is also the need to improve one’s English. Increasing globalisation of the automobile sector makes the knowledge of English and other cultures indispensable. Getting to know other countries, their people and culture helps to overcome cultural bias. Taking into consideration these developments and future needs we have defined our objectives as follows: the enhancement of technological knowledge, the improvement of language skills and a better knowledge of another culture. As a result of the work placement and the experiences made we expect our students to develop their personality, to be able to think of alternative ways to solve problems, to dominate English and be open for other cultures. The second project it the follow up of the Mobilität LdV Projekt "Fit for Europe: Betriebspraktika der Europaklasse I-IV" The project "Fit for Europe: Betriebspraktika der Europaklasse IV" proposal for this year has already been approved by the National Agency. Since 2009 a work placement abroad has been an integral part of the training of our European class. After graduation the students will start a commercial training or business studies at a university of applied sciences. This project allows 15 students without international contacts to do a work placement in Ireland. It starts with a one-week language course during which the students will sit for a job interview with the head of HR of their future training company. They will do a four-week work placement in the administrative or commercial department of a selected company, e.g. “Salon Shop” a wholesaler for articles for hairdressers, “Bandon Office Suppliers” a wholesaler and retailer for office equipment, or the Youghal Chamber of Commerce and Tourism. One or two students live in a host family with full board or self-catering. The students should improve their English with the help of an intensive English course, the talk about everyday life with their host families and the professional talk at work. All the students have already done a work placement in Germany. They will get some insight into the working world and working conditions in Ireland. Thus, they will be able to compare the working conditions in Ireland and Germany. Furthermore, they will do some excursions, sightseeing, a tour of a company and partake in the everyday life. This will enable them to appreciate the peculiarities of another country, i.e. Ireland. Another aim is to foster the mobility of the students and to enhance their independence and their willingness to move to other European countries. Cooperation in Europe will be increasingly important, especially in the companies. They will expect students to be prepared for these upcoming challenges. Our college wants to help the students to meet these ever increasing demands of the European labour market and its companies. The project shall take place in Ireland in June and July 2015 and last 5 weeks.



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