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First Class Industrial Park Network ( FCIP Network ) (FCIP )
Date du début: 25 juin 2002, Date de fin: 24 déc. 2005 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The parts of the project have been Söderhamn City /SE, Vaasa City (Fin), Laage City (D), Liepaja City (Let) and Harju County (Est). The overall project objective was to improve regional economic structures based on a network of First Class Industrial Parks (FCIPs) and to improve transnational communications between EU and candidate countries through strengthening the possibilities for less developed industrial regions to be able to compete with more developed and more central regions. This goal was to be achieved by transformation of existing industrial parks into the FCIPs and their further development towards the self-standing active cooperative network. Transfer to the Baltic states of experience in transformation of closed down military airfields including spatial development and planning was also included in the objective. The further goal of the project was to find the scheme for the most efficient organisation for administration of the network after finishing the project. Achievements: FCIP Network project was a business life project mainly focusing towards development of the regional economical structures. The project established local FCIP offices at the existing industrial parks of Flygstaden, Söderhamn, Vasa Airportpark and Airpark Rostock-Laage. In Söderhamn, Vaasa and Laage a number of activities concentrated on development of existing industrial parks into future First Class Industrial Parks.The project has produced a common company catalogue containing all enterprises in the respective parks: “Enterprises in the 2000th century industrial parks”. The Catalogue also contains a short description of the project.The project has contributed to create business relation: German manufacturer of sandblasting equipment (ABREX) has established a business relation with a Swedish general agent (GTH), new business contact between Swedish enterprises and Latvian steel producers as well as between Swedish subcontractors and Finnish companies were also negotiated. During the project period the number of working opportunities at the three industrial parks have been increased by approx. 1 000, Flygstaden Söderhamn 40, Airportpark Vaasa 650 and Airpark Rostock-Laage 300. In Vaasa a Third Part Logistical (3PL) enterprise has been established and an airfreight line is in operation.Investments in the three FCIP have been made. In Söderhamn a functioning co-operation method for freights to and from the region has been created. At Rostock Laage Airport the inauguration of the new passenger terminal took place in September 2005. In December 2005 there was positive news that the German company ADAM Kommunikation und Druck GmbH will establish at Airpark Rostock-Laage. This establishment is a direct result of the activities that economically have been supported by FCIP Network project. This establishment will mean another 200 working opportunitiesFor all three FCIP’s in Laage, Vaasa and Söderhamn common local and regional advertising campaigns run in order to market the industrial parks. The project partners became a members of the LC-Forum, however, any institution has been established to administrate the network.



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