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Date du début: 2 août 2015, Date de fin: 1 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

FIRST AID, SECOND CHANCE! The main reason of our attempt for this project is the death of two deaf Turkish youngsters and a teacher of them caused by a fatal drowning case in Malaga, Spain where they had gone for a youth exchange. In this project which we have decided to prepare in a very short time, we have actually made sure about how essential one topic is, which we had considered before. When we look at our country today, it is possible to see a length of coast more than 8000 km including islands. As well as the tourism potential this fact creates in our country, it is also a fact that the rate of fatal drowning cases is extremely high. Unfortunately, each year 900 people on average die from drowning cases. The situation in 2014 report of the World Health Organization is unbelievably negative. According to this report, it is detected that each year 372.000 people die from fatal drowning. It is also detected that more than half of these deaths hit young people under 25 and 4% of them take place in Europe in the same report. ( Another significant problem nowadays is that the individuals are not conscious enough of topics of first aid and life guarding. However, millions of people all around the world lose their lives in home, industrial and traffic accidents and maximum 10% of them are met with first aid. While 10% of those who are met with first aid survive, maximum %5 of victims who are not met with first aid is able to survive. When we consider the fact that only 10% of victims are met with first aid in accidents, it can be understood how significant it is to understand and spread the essentiality of first aid. We have planned to implement our project in Aydın between 1-8 October. The center of Aydın and Söke district will be host to our project. Our project partners will be institutions from Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Finland and Spain. We have planned to have 6 participants from each country in total 36. The city of Aydın has not sufficiently encountered Erasmus+ projects. We will primarily give circumstances for the experience of the excitement of Erasmus+ program and projects. In this manner, it will be a contribution to increasing of projects in local and regional sense. There has been many cases in Aydın just like in all regions regarding to life saving and first aid. Particularly an awareness will be created related to the increase of deaths caused by fatal drownings in summer seasons and more attentions will be taken to this topic. The opinions of participants related to tourism activities in the region will be shared with relevant institutions and more contributions will be provided for regulations which will be implemented in this subject. We will have taken one step towards awareness for more action of our youngsters with our project and an important perception related to the value given to people in our country will be created. Besides there will be positive contribution to subjects on which our country is considered in international arenas. The young candidates of future politics will start having more positive thoughts about our country. It will be a reason for better projects to be implemented in European Union and especially more projects and circumstances will be possible to be provided for youngsters. The institutions which will make long-term partnerships will be able to improve significantly their working capacities. A contribution will be provided regarding the achieving of European Union its 2020 goals.



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