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Fire Risks in Touristic Islands and their impact on Economic and Social Life/A Fire Shield for Tourists, Population and Monuments (FIRETOURIS)
Date du début: 31 déc. 2005, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2007 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The overall objective of the FIRETOURIS operation is to improve fire risk (FR) management capabilities of the regions with touristic islands, focusing on their special needs and their impact on touristic SMEs, local economies and societies. The sub-objectives encompassing the main objective are as follows: (1) to collect, document, discuss and understand all aspects of FR and FR management plans and procedures in each participating region among all stakeholders; (2) to document the history and experience from fires in the past and creating a full record of all relevant conditions; (3) to exchange this experience and information among all partners; (4) to develop “best practices” and “things to avoid” manuals based on experience; (5) to identify the needs for more efficient FR management; (6) to develop training programs for civil protection personnel, foresters, volunteers, touristic SMEs and their personnel; (7) to develop media campaigns to alert citizens and inform tourists on FRs; (8) to sensitize policy makers on the economic and social impact of FRs; (9) to optimize utilization of personnel, volunteers and resources, under various conditions of fire realization; (10) to map archaeological and medieval sites, while assessing their FR; (11) to develop requirements of FR observatories in touristic islands; (12) to develop FR assessment and management plans that can be replicated by the regions and training programs that can be adopted by the regions as part of their long term policy; (13)Maping the archeological and medieval sites in regard to fire risks and forest fires (14)Develope post-fire-rehabilitation plans (15) Organise the medical treatment of severely burned people (16) Establish an observatory of fire risks in touristic islands. Means for achieving the main objective and the sub-objectives are horizontal activities & studies. Each activity will be categorically interregional with an effort to address common problems and harmonize policies and practices. For each sub-objective quantifiable outputs and results will be specified and each activity has to produce the pre-specified results, supporting a particular sub-objective



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