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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 29 févr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The "Inclusive Finestra" project of the Association FINESTRA NOU THE CIRC is Youth Exchange whose key Social Circus young people from different groups at risk of exclusion. The promoter group is composed of circus performers with sensitivity and experience in project management Social Circus in the field of groups at risk of exclusion. This team young circus artists and fans in Naples, with the same interests and experience in the circus as a tool for Personal Development in groups at risk of social exclusion are added. Both groups were covered by two associations with similar objectives: the Association Circ THE FINESTRA Nou (Valencia) and the Compagni Elefanti (Naples). Each partner will contact two associations of groups at risk of exclusion: ex -reclusos, Roma, people with intellectual and sensory disabilities and immigrant children. All participants also unemployed youth will have a similar percentage of men and women. These specialized institutions in the youth field and have served as a bridge support in designing the project and implement it before. The project objective is to contribute to integration, employability and promoting personal development of these young participants using the Circus as a tool rather than an end. By Circus contribute to the acquisition of knowledge, skills development and adoption of attitudes that contribute to improved integration, citizen participation, self-esteem, respect for diversity, etc ... AAmbos partners realzian Social Circus activities, teaching, practicing and creating circus acts with young people at risk of social exclusion and people with intellectual disabilities. The project culminates with two international youth exchanges. Italian first place come to Spain in October 2015, and then the Spaniards go to Italy in November. Stays last 7 days (including travel days) where with different activities and integrate both shows to be displayed twice in the context of a broader each of the partners Event: Festivities the neighborhood of Patraix and ART IN Mostra Festival. The activities are raised through a participatory approach. Evaluations shall be continuous, making a final assessment after the screening of the show. At all times the project will be made visible by virtual tools (Facebok page, web, Newsletter ...) as well as the means of each of the partner associations. After the exhibition the developer team will do a series of talks and workshops for the young participants themselves, in order to multiply the effect of the project and disseminate its results. Edit a video with footage of the training session, the creation of the show and exhibition, which will include presentations of the project, which will be distributed to youth organizations and other institutions working with young people at risk of social exclusion and associations circus .



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