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Finding your Element
Date du début: 2 août 2015, Date de fin: 1 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This training course was a concept built around the publications of the inspiring educationalist Ken Robinson. Ken Robinson is well-known for his TED talks and his definitive books - in particular ‘Finding Your Element’. The Element is the point where your personal passions and natural talents meet. When someone is in their Element they are at their most effective and also their most fulfilled. This training supported participants in finding their Element in a holistic, person-centred approach to improve their employability and the work they were doing with young people. Erasmus+ offers young people unique international opportunities to develop their passions and build their skills and employability. This training course focused on how youth workers and youth leaders can find their Element in the Erasmus+ Programme - and how they can then support young people in finding theirs. The training brought together 28 youth workers and youth leaders from around Europe to meet and work together in the Netherlands in November 2015. This 6-day, in-depth residential course introduced the participants to new, dynamic tools and approaches through experiential sessions, quality dialogue, personal reflection and group working - led by 3 highly skilled and experienced facilitators. All Participants left with a deeper understanding, firstly, of their Element and how it can benefit their work and projects. They also gained an increased knowledge of the Erasmus+ programme and the opportunities it holds for young people. The training course also offered participants the chance to develop relationships with new organisations from different countries to work with and create plans for how their organisations can find their Element in Erasmus+. To conclude they considered the tools, skills and confidence required to be able to support those they work with to find their Element in Erasmus+ and develop their employability in a holistic, person-centred way that builds on the young people’s interest, talent and abilities. Participants learnt a lot about each other through their participation in this training and were able to identify people they were able to work with and build positive projects that would offer developmental experiences for the young people they work with. This ensured some commitment to dissemination and the paying forward of the impact the training had had on them.



8 Participants partenaires