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Date du début: 15 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 14 janv. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Lélektér Foundation has been working with youth for over 10 years. Our main goals are prevention, harm reduction and personal development of the young. In order to fulfill these goals we are coordinating trainings, seminars for them, their parents and for their teachers as well.In this project 3 volunteers will be hosted at the foundation for 12 months. We provide a supervisor, who will be responsible for the coordination and the administration of the program; the mentor is responsible for settling down the volunteers and helps to find theirs own feet, and an EVS coordinator, who keeps in touch with the Sending organisation on a regular basisThe project implementers possess the relevant professional background, including the most important fields such as drug-prevention, child and young protection, social work practices. The EVS coordinator has significant experience in building national and international relations, network. The mentor of the program is a young adult, the chairman of VEDIÖK (a Hungarian youth association) with impressive experience in coordinating young people. Lélektér Alapítvány hosted and supported 5 volunteers so far. The cooperation was very successful for both parties.In the selection process, we are cooperating with the Sending organisation. The selection of the volunteers is based on professional aspects and the decision will be made while collaborating with the Sending organization.The activities and tasks of the volunteers are as they follow: operating the Youth House and community place, mentoring disadvantaged youth who are attending in the Poor School Program, organising sport programs, media-documentation, participation in general-prevention, drug-prevention and harm reduction programs, promoting the concept of volunteering and ERASMUS+.The volunteers are to get involved in the current system of the local youth policy and will be cooperating with other relevant youth organisations. Amongst these organisations, associations they maintain a good relationship, networking is developed and they help establish an overall good experience.The project provides development of the varying competencies of the volunteers. We support them to achieve their personal aims, motivate them to get involved in self and community development activities by using their creativity and the gained experience.The indirect goals of the project are to generate international cooperation, exchange experience, enhance joint reflection, foster the system of youth policy, strenghten social inclusion of the youth and to encourage them to take more active participation in the European democracy.The long term aim of this project is to support these young people on their road of becoming active European citizens. The program also aims to introduce their rights, duties and obligations, to be socially more conscious and appreciate the concept of volunteer work which is a valuable tool to build a more liveable society.



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