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Find Your Way
Date du début: 2 mai 2016, Date de fin: 1 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

FIND YOUR WAY By EUROSTAT data 13,8 % of all 15 - 29 year old youth in Estonia are not working or studying in the year 2014. The overall number of such youth is 35 000. This is serious issue that will have bad effect on economy and society on the whole. The youth that left their education institution between 18 - 24 of age is above average when comparing with the number in other states of European Union. The number of the youth that stopped their education arose highly comparing to the year 2013. This factor indicates that these youngsters fall into unemployment or non active peoples list most probably. That youth has a lot of free time available. This time is excellent to spend at the supportive atmosphere with lots of informal activities and learning possibilities as well as for the self reflection and self analysis. This intensive week may led the young to find one's true talent and the new possibilities in life. Unemployment period is good for training the new skills and competences needed at todays changed employment market. Young people being in the phase of their life change can test themselves in the supportive atmosphere. The creative, active and supportive learning atmosphere will be formed for the youth involved. Many young people just need to feel more self confidence, gain specific knowledge, aquire the social skills and self presentation skills, that are not usually taught at high schools.Objectives. The objective of the program is to help the young people in the delicate and transitional period of their lives in building up more self confidence, in trying out oneself in new environment, aquire skills at international and safe atmosphere, that will raise the young person standards at the labour market and make him/her more competetive and confident. Participating in the non formal activities in the international atmosphere adds the young person lot of confidence and promotes the communication and social skills needed at today,s international job market. The social activities in international surrounding give the youth more courage and boost their self-confidence. Informal education lets them experience their talent in the communications, social activities, enterpreneurship, creativity and in natural sciences.International atmosphere opens up the minds of young people and gives answers to the questions: How the young people from the other countries and cultural background are addressing the similar issues, what support systems do they have, what kind of institutions are helping them. How are they thinking? YE "Find Your WAY" will give answers to these questions and a lot more. How young people from other countries address to this issue, what support do they have, what institutions are helping them. How are they thinking? Will add content and multicultural value to the whole program. Expected impact for the participants will be their enchanted self confidence, increase in their own iniciative and increased pro-active behaviour. They will be more competetive in near future at the job market. Participants will be more aware about their own strenghts and talents. 70% of them will be employed during 3 - 6 months after the program ends.Number of participants in the YE is 35.Profile of the participants: unemployed youth – within the age group 18 – 30.Suggested selection area - students and unemployed youth especially from the rural areas of the countries.



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