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Find Your Way 3
Date du début: 1 oct. 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

First, the first two editions of this project was a success both in the local community through activities developed into the community and visibility of the project, but especially in terms of learning outcomes of participants. Together with partners, we identified the need to valorize on good practices developed during the first two editions through a new project with an improved program and diversified in order to meet a wider range of needs of young people, in the development of which we held account especially by the feedback of the participants from the first two editions.Young people need to be informed and guide to a career, need models to motivate them and to stimulate their initiative, to develop personally (including increased self confidence), professional (including to develop key competences that contribute to increase their employability) and social (including the development of intercultural and European dimension).Through this project we want to continue our mission of informing, guiding and educating the professional dimension of young people through activities of career guidance and entrepreneurship by developing the capacity of participants to know themselves as a starting point for a good career orientation, their key competences (to increase their employability), their initiative, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and skills, promoting positive models among participants, developing their intercultural and European dimension of the participants and this time, developing a visual tool to promote the entrepreneurship among young people. The project's main activity will be a Youth Exchange with Programme Countries to be held between 17th and 27th of March 2017, in Bacau (Romania), with the participation of 36 young people with the age between 15 and 30 years old and 9 group leaders from Romania, Italy, Spain, Greece, Malta, Estonia, Sweden and Poland.TThus, during drafting the project and planning the working sessions with partners, we took into account the feedback from participants of the first edition and the learning needs of participants from current project, choosing the most suitable methods (including methods of non- formal education) in order to use the learning potential of participants and encourage their active participation in all working sessions: Methods of non-formal education: Socio - educational animation (knowledge games, teambuilding games, energizing games, icebreaker, treasure hunt), educational debates Process simulation, Bazaar method, workshops, role play, Open Space Technology, Photo Animation (stop motion animation), Living Library, Flash mob and other active and creative learning methods, various games and creative exercises designed to facilitate the information transfer to participants, but especially to capitalize on the experiences and skills of participants and foster the exchange of experience, knowledge, skills and attitudes among young people; but also classic methods, reflexive and evaluation methods, creative evaluation methods and specific tools and methods for career guidance. Tangible results: A visual tool for information, guidance and education of professional dimension of young people, a video-guide for career guidance and entrepreneurship for young people created using the Photo Animation (Stop motion) method, that will be structured on the basis of the working sessions from the youth exchange and will have an informative and formative role (will be supported by an electronic guide - best practice guide - with exercises used during working sessions), but also will serve to promote the importance of career guidance, initiative and entrepreneurship.The movie of the project - with interviews and footage during the youth exchange - to promote the project, Erasmus + programme, non-formal education, entrepreneurship and career guidance.Intangible results:Personal development (including increased self confidence), professional development (including development of key competences and transversal competencies that will help enhance their employability) and social development (including the development of intercultural and European dimension) of the youth exchange participants.Strengthening the capacity and the international dimension of partners and also the sustainable partnership between the participating organizations and development of their capacity to multiply the project results.Increasing the visibility of partner organizationsOn long term we want that the degree of employability and employment opportunities to increase, but also increasing the number of start-ups among young people - which will contribute to development of community.



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