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Find Your Talent
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Find Your Talent is an EVS project which involved 5 volunteers aged 18-30 years old from 5 different countries who will make for 8 months an EVS stage in the village of Nocrich, county Sibiu, Romania where the Centrul Cercetasesc Nocrich - H.C. Habermann - Filiala a Organizatiei Nationale Cercetasii Romaniei owns a youth centre since 2010. The objectives of the project fallow: - contributing to the personal development of 5 young volunteers aged 18-30 by involving them as volunteers in developing non-formal activities for the children and young people from the village of Nocrich - developing the abilities of youth workers of 5 young volunteers aged 18-30 by involving them in the planning and development of new educational activities which are offered by the Centrul Cercetasesc Nocrich - H.C Habermann to groups of guests, children and young people, beneficiaries of the centre who come from different parts of the country and abroad. - improving the abilities of communication of the 5 volunteers aged 18-30 by involving them in campaigns of promoting volunteering and Centrul Cercetasesc Nocrich - H.C. Habermann as an educational centre for non-formal education. The weekly schedule will include the fallowing activities: weekly planning, documenting and self-guided learning, classes of Romanian language, personal project, online and offline promotion of volunteering, activities for young people aged 12-18, involvement in the planning and developing activities for guests (pottery and ceramics workshop, non-formal education activities, permaculture pedagogical garden, tour of the fortifies evangelic church), classes of foreign languages for children and young people, activities for children aged 5-11, weekly evaluation, meetings with the mentor. The project seeks to contribute at the personal development of the participants by involving them in the community of the Nocrich village and the impact of the project will target both the participants but also the community and the organizations involved in this project. The long-run outcomes of this project will result in the changing of perspective over the volunteers' life but also of the community and the involved organisations.

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