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Field Operational Test Networking and Methodology Promotion (FOTNet2)
Date du début: 1 janv. 2011, Date de fin: 31 mars 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

During the lifetime of the different Field Operational Tests (FOT) carried out both at National and European levels, there is a crucial need for a networking platform allowing individual FOTs to benefit from each others experiences as well as giving a better overview of the scattered activities.While FOT-Net 1 was focussing on building up the FOT network and promoting methodology, FOT-Net 2 explicitly addresses requests articulated by the FOT network which need common European positions.The prime goal of FOT-Net 2 is to increase the momentum achieved in FOT-Net 1 and further develop the strategic networking of existing and future National, European and Global FOTs e.g. US and Japan. During 36 months, the FOT Network will meet in six bi-annual FOT stakeholders meetings and three international FOT meetings.FOT-Net 2 also focuses on methodology based on recent FOT experiences. Through three targeted meetings, it will gather the relevant experts to revise and adapt in six months the FESTA methodology for FOTs on ADAS, Nomadic devices, Cooperative systems, and, in addition, address Naturalistic Driving Studies.FOT-Net 2 will create five new expert working groups in order to clarify critical topics related to the legal and ethical issues, data analysis, incident definition, impact assessment, and data sharing.The revised FESTA methodology will be promoted through six seminars supported by webinars.FOT-Net 2 will create a new web-based inventory of existing tools for data acquisition, database structure, data analysis to facilitate the setup of new FOTs.FOT-Net 2 will act as a multiplier for the dissemination and awareness of FOT activities especially in terms of inter-activities support and outreach.Finally, FOT-Net 2 will evaluate contributions of FOTs to policy goals and market deployment using an improved methodology for stakeholders' analysis.The action includes all stakeholder and expert groups playing a role in existing and planned FOTs



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