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Fiberoptik İnternet Altyapısı Hazırlama Stajı
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Probable beneficiaries of our project will be chosen among the students studying Informatics Technology at Keşap Atatürk Multi-Programme Anatolıan High School Samsun Piri Reis Vocatıonal And Technıcal Anatolıan Hıgh School, Rize Merkez Vocatıonal And Technıcal Anatolıan Hıgh School , Erbaa Gökal Güldere Multi-Programme Anatolıan High School and Fatih Alpaslan Vocatıonal And Technıcal Anatolıan Hıgh School. The Project owner will choose 10 students and 1 companion, and project partner schools will choose 10 students and 1 companion, totally 50 students and 5 companions will be chosen. Rapid developments in the IT area, creates need of qualified staff for it. Communication sector is the main sector affect by IT both in our country and the rest of the world. As the number of mobile phone and internet users has increased and the reasons of their usage have changed, it has become necessary to revise the technical infrastructure of these technologies. A few years ago, users of these technologies used to send and receive e-mails, read headlines of newspapers and chat only by writing however, today they use video chat, video sharing web sites and social network websites and they are enforcing current internet connection’s bandwidth and physical limits. Furthermore, users are expecting high speed and low cost internet connection form internet service provider. Therefore, internet service providers have changed their internet infrastructure to reduce costs per speed, to compete with each other and for customer pleasure. They have changed their current wire infrastructure with fiber optic wiring technology which is the most suitable method. The reasons to choose fiber optic technology are it’s high performance even in long distances, data transmitting in high bandwidth, safety, it is not affected by electromagnetic interaction and electrical noise, it’s easier to assemble and maintain, it’s cost is constantly decreasing and it’s compatible with current internet system. Internet service providers are in a rivalry to complete their fiber optic network infrastructure. They are rapidly completing renewing their wire infrastructures in large cities and they are planning to do it all over the country soon. These operations creates need more staff to work. Companies of wiring services will need more qualified technical staff when the operations will be done all over the country. Internet service providers and fiber optic wiring companies will employ vocationally and technically educated staff in order to operate properly. We are aiming to increase the probability to be employed of our students with our project. Our potential participants are high school students being vocationally educated and living in the Black Sea Region of our country. There are almost no staff in this region working in the field of fiber optic wiring systems. So, our students have no chance to find companies to have practical education about fiber optic wiring for their vocational education. It affects them negatively by means of decreasing their competition skills. Our participant students will learn designing fiber optic networks, assembling and maintaining them, calculating bandwidth of them and finding solutions to the probable problems if our mobility is accepted. Our project is supported by the National Agency for the same date and shall be conducted in three mobilities. 07.05.2016 – 22.05.2016 part of our project will be carried out between 10 students and 1 teachers in Poland, 10 students and 1 teachers in Spain ,10 students and 1 teachers in Italy,10 students and 1 teachers in Hungary and 10 students and 1 teachers in Germany, will undergo training by the recipient partners.



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