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Date du début: 31 mars 2005, Date de fin: 30 juil. 2008 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The “Cello & Music” Festival was held for the first time in 2000, and cello and chamber music courses were organized. The success of this initiative led to the continuation of this experience, giving rise to a project that, through the music, intensifies the relationship between border peoples thanks to music and cultural meetings in Trieste, Gorizia, Udine, Nova Gorica and Tolmin. This project aims at promoting and enhancing the territory and especially the hilly area of Collio as well as the area along the border from Duino Aurisina to Cividale del Friuli. In this regard, many areas and places are still largely unknown and yet especially attractive, and could become suitable tourist destinations. The Festival programme includes courses on woodwinds, percussions and stringed instruments, chamber music, concerts of classical music and other genres, Italian, Slovenian and European amateur and young orchestras, and the setting up of a professional orchestra made up of the same artists who have participated in the Festival and come from various European countries. Undoubtedly music, more than any other art, can communicate through its universal language with any human being, thus overcoming racial and ethnic diversities. Thanks to this form of art and the interdisciplinary musical events, young people can come closer to each other in their musical education and development, but especially in their personal and human growth. This project ensures an international meeting of famous musicians and professionals, thus providing music scholars and classical music experts with an opportunity for comparison and a meeting point.



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