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Festival of Cultures - A Celebration of Diversity.
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Context/background of project: Across Europe the arts and cultural industries make valuable and significant contributions to the social and economic wellbeing of society as a whole. Through developing the skills and competences of the projects participant’s in carnival arts engagement; practical project delivery; cultural sector initiatives; professional networking and funding diversification we build their capacities and capabilities to develop future opportunities for employment within the arts and cultural sector. Objectives: At the end of the mobility participants will have gained the knowledge and skills needed to engage in the process of developing future projects, using ‘carnival arts’ as a tool to explore the Erasmus+ programme priority areas. The objectives: To provide quality international mobility opportunities for young people from diverse backgrounds; To enable young people to better understand opportunities within the cultural sector; To gain new competences and experiences of festival/carnival development; To deepen knowledge, skills and attitude in order to better organize international youth arts engagement projects; To capacity build the participants through practical workshops, peer to peer work and partnership building activities; To provide insight into community arts development; To explore best practice models of arts development and engagement that act as key tools and drivers for wider community development and combating racism, xenophobia and discrimination; To use non formal methodologies, drawing on the experience of the participants within youth arts and the cultural fields; o use digital tools and social media platforms to capture all arts engagement work develop0ed with the exchange. This project seeks to increase opportunities for access to the arts and cultural sector for young people from black and minority backgrounds, through training workers and young people to develop and implement projects and act as multipliers in the promotion of Erasmus+ activities. Secondly to develop new competences and experiences of arts and community engagement development that assists in developing more resilient and sustainable youth offers. Number and profile of participants: 70 in total, professional youth workers and young people. Description of activities: Preparation: Meetings in each national context and one, two day APV meetings. Implementation: 17 days of workshops, performances, presentations, peer to peer sharing and training sessions. Evaluation: Digital and verbal. Follow up: Through our project will see the development of a strategic framework for sustainable cooperation, which will include: BI coordinates a global network of arts and cultural organizations with the aim to develop sustainable cooperation. An essential part of this project is to build partner organizations, through the sharing of skills, knowledge and experience, ensuring future international work. This area of activity will hopefully have a measured impact on the sustainability of our partnerships. Erasmus+Programme: All project partners will work together to maximize the potential for added value through engaging in future Erasmus+ projects. Methodology to be used in carrying out the project: Non-formal working methods for this project will include: Discussions; Peer group learning; Informal training sessions; Practical skills sessions; seminars; Group meetings; Evaluations; Networking and partnership building opportunities; A short description of the results and impact envisaged: Through this project our group of young people and workers will have: Developed a range of professional skills and competencies. Developed new projects within Erasmus+. Gained confidence in their abilities to produce new inter cultural projects. Developed their professional skills. Potential longer term benefits for this project will be: Develop the capacity of both partners to collaborate in future initiatives; Deepening knowledge, skills and attitude in order to better organize international projects; Provide insight into international best practice in relation to employment development within the cultural sector; Explore models of arts development that act as key tools and drivers for youth employment and wider community development. For the participants to further create and develop the possibility for new international mobility experiences that impact on their professional development and employability.



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