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Feasibility study for a European Forum for Enhanced Collaboration in Teaching
Date du début: 1 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The “Feasibility Study for a European Forum for Enhanced Collaboration in Teaching” (EFFECT) aims at assessing the potential of a European level structure that would contribute to enhancing higher education teaching. It addresses the needs of teaching practitioners, universities and organisations and networks dedicated to teaching enhancement. The three-year project is led by the European University Association (EUA), in collaboration with the Higher Education Academy (HEA), EADTU, ESU, ETUCE-CSEE, the rectors’ associations of Germany (HRK), Hungary (HRC), Ireland (IUA) and Poland (CRASP) and universities delegated by their rector’s conferences (University of Eastern Finland, University of Latvia, University of Porto).EFFECT will be conducted in three strands: Strand 1 will review good practice materials and approaches for teaching enhancement. It will pilot two modules providing a teaching enhancement opportunity to a group of university teachers from different parts of Europe. Strand 2 will facilitate exchange on institutional approaches to teaching enhancement, bringing together vice-rectors in charge of learning and teaching. It will develop and test a support package for strategic approaches for teaching staff enhancement. Strand 3 will look into the prospects of establishing a European Forum (EFFECT), which would support individual teachers and universities, and provide a professional network and a basis for advocacy. If found at all feasible and of European added value, the Forum is likely to become a very light structure making best use of pooling of resources and digital technologies, owned by the European higher education community. The project is expected to stimulate a European debate on conditions and support for university teaching. It is expected to have an impact on European policy making, as the topic is important for national administrations and institutions, and in the framework of the EU Modernisation Agenda and the Bologna Process.



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