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Feasibility assessment of the Haapovaara border crossing point
Date du début: 27 mai 2003, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2003 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project was used to promote the development of the Haapovaara border crossing location. Th e main goal was to complete a feasibility assessment regarding changing the Haapovaara border crossing location into an international border crossing. Th e study would primarily function as a basic fi nancial report for diff erent offi cials, and it would be implemented in close co-operation with Suojärvi District. In addition, the feasibility assessment would be used as a foundation to create a mutual strategy and operational programme for Suojärvi District and Ilomantsi Municipality in order to develop the Haapovaara border crossing location. Th e presumed outcome would be to achieve uniformity between Ilomantsi Municipality, Suojärvi District and the nearby areas regarding the goals of the border crossing location as well as the understanding on the requirements for the development of the border crossing to be possible and profi table. Achievements: According to the financial analysis completed in the projects feasibility study, regional economies in Ilomantsi Municipality and Suojrvi District would receive a MEUR 11.4 net present value (NPV) benefit over the 15-year calculation period from the internationalisation of the Haapovaara border crossing. The internal rate of return (IRR) for the investments would be 40 %. When the increased travelling is included in the calculations as well as the income associated with the increase in trade and the savings in traffic and time, it was seen that it would be financially profi table to begin the construction of the international Haapovaara border crossing location using separate funding and thus secure receipt of the future benefits. The feasibility study will be used as a tool for developing the Haapovaara border crossing location in further discussions in Finland, Russia, and within the European Commission.



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