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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

IES Juníper Serra is one of the focal points of Vocational Training of the Balearic Islands counting with a total enrollment of 1378 students. In difficult times such as these, vocational training is seen by the young and the elderly as a chance to compete in seeking and obtaining a workplace. Students place their expectations on their on-the-job training period, therefore we have proposed this project to achieve the following targets: a) That the students acquire a different vision of ways of working and customs having to deal with cultural and linguistic situations that are not known to them. b) Give an added value to the on-the-job training period and to the students’ curriculum and improve their employability. c) Provide language skilled workers for those sectors in which the knowledge of languages is essential. a) That teachers apply in the school the knowledge acquired as to good practice. b) To improve the students’ preparation through the knowledge that teachers and tutors have acquired during job shadowing. c) Ensure that teachers integrate cultural and linguistic knowledge acquired in their lessons d) Ensure that teachers feel more involved and motivated in the process of student learning. In total we request 14 student mobilities, 4 for teachers in job shadowing and two escorts for the eventuality that having underage students is given. Students are young people who are attending the last year of electromechanical, kitchen and catering services. They are highly motivated students with very good skills and attitudes for the workplace. They are usually low-skilled at foreign languages which can make them feel unsafe in situations such as those we propose but we hope their self-esteem will increase at the time that they improve their skills in this area. Regarding the teachers’ profile, the project is designed for teachers who are on-the-job training tutors, vocational training teachers who plan to be responsible for the FCT, on-the-job training period, on-the-job training coordinator, European Programmes coordinator, FOL teachers and teachers that provide a subject in English. The project will last 24 months. Activities take place throughout the entire program and will include the preparation phase in which the project will be spread to all levels. There will be a calendar in which the deadlines, meetings, seminars and briefings will be planned during this phase. Special emphasis will be placed on cultural, linguistic and health and safety matters as well as on the logistical aspects of mobility (travel, accommodation, insurance). During the mobility, participants will carry out the scheduled training activities and shall complete the follow-up documents agreed and will prepare those activities included in the dissemination plan of the project. When they return to Palma, previously agreed documents will be delivered. At this point an assessment of the activity will be carried out to be included in the evaluation process. There will be a mid-term evaluation of the programme so that improvements may be implement the following year. At the end of the programme a final evaluation of all processes will be done. ICTs will be used throughout the entire program together with all the resources identified in the draft in order to reach the largest audience. All activities will follow a review process according to the quality standards of the school system. We hope that career opportunities will expand for both teachers and students, they will improve in language and social skills and will be able to apply the benefits of their mobility experience for the benefit of their environment. We want the project to have a multiplier effect through the dissemination process in accordance with our possibilities. We would also like the project to result in the vision of our center as a benchmark of modernity and good practice at local and regional level. We also hope that our partners value the quality of teaching we provide and that they may see in our school the kind of institution that is also willing to share their resources to result in the training of other European citizens. We hope that in the long term, this project will lead to other collaborations with our partners in the various activities offered by the Erasmus + program.



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