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Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Coming from the Popular Education movement, Steredenn association is working in the participation of the inhabitants to their local environment and to the socialization of the young people. The FJT (House of Young Workers) is the main activity of the Steredenn association. The FJT proposes collective rooms (bar, center of resource, restaurant) as well as accommodation space for the young people from 18 to 25 years old. The goal is about social coeducation, accompaniment towards the autonomy. FJT is a real place of meeting, exchanges, animations for all young people of the local territory. The FJT is the main agent in Dinan for youth accommodation. Consequently the volunteer will be housed in high quality accommodation with kitchen. Every lunchtime the volunteer will be able to join around 300 people who dine at the FJT. On top of this the FJT is situated close to the centre of Dinan. Thus the volunteer will be housed just fifteen minutes walk at the most from the local services: cinema, sports centre … The volunteer will join a group of 4 professional activity leaders. Also the FJT works in conjunction with several youth associations which will be happy to make his/her acquaintance. Around 30 young “Dinannais” have firm experience of European projects (EVS, European meetings, Leonardo …). The majority of them keep in contact with the FJT, and would be available to help and accompany the volunteer as and when necessary. The role of the volunteer will be to help lead activities for the young residents of the FJT and young people in general in the Dinan area, mainly with a European theme and concerning intercultural awareness. He/she will join and accompany the team of activity leaders. His/her role will also be to introduce his/her country and culture. The main activity of the volunteer will lie in making people aware of Europe, and will take place at the FJT: leading workshops, making audivisual aids, exhibitions. He/she can make use of a variety of documents, such as “All equal, all different” or “compass” to help prepare the activities. We also hope that the volunteer will be able to organise and lead other occasional activities. Furthermore the volunteer may be asked to give presentations to non FJT residents in schools, the Mission Locale and training centres. Some examples of activities could be: organising a meal for a group of youngsters to show the volunteer’s traditional food; setting up a photo exhibition to show what’s surprising about the French way of life, or how it differs to the volunteer’s. He/she could also promote his/her native language and organise workshops on this theme. Board games are also an interesting tool as they are often a vehicle for cultural elements…



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