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Favoriser l’accès à la mobilité internationale des jeunes femmes en méditerranée pour favoriser leur insertion professionnelle
Date du début: 2 févr. 2015, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

FAM FIP, “Foster youth women mobility in the Mediterranean area to promote employability”, is an intercultural youth exchanges which is going to take place from 07th till 16th of May 2015 in Marseille, France. Partners organizations are Civis plus Greece, I-Dare for Sustainable Development Jordan, Youth Without Borders Egypte, Nosotras Italy, Human Supporters Association Palestine, Eurocircle France. This youth exchange will gather 30 young women from both side of the mediteranean sea, they will actively participate and exchange around citizenship, mobility and professional inclusion. Non formal methods are going to be used as well as experiential and creativity methodologies to foster intercultural dialogue and find together new ways of improving mobility and inclusion. A theater performance will be created with the facilitation of an artist creating with the young womens a workshop to be presented in front of public bodies representative, professional and people. After the performance a debate around mobility and professionnal inclusion will be open. They will also participate to European dau becoming for 9th of May 2015 Euromed day ! The project foresees the following goals : - To promote and facilitate access to euro-Mediterranean mobility for young Mediterranean women - Promotion of the professional inclusion of young Mediterranean women - Give the opportunity to young Mediterranean women to take part in a collective and citizenship action - To express themselves through creativ and experiential methodologies and to sensitize others - To foster inclusion of young women with fewer opportunities through a creativ, activ and autonomous activism - To empower young women - To develop network and cooperation in the youth field within mediterranean area



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