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Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The priority in our project EMERGENCY TO FATİH AB RH(+) is to increase the langauge development of our personnel,professional information and abilities,the relation and the solidarity between the cultures and enable the students learn more efficiently.One of the aims of our project is to transfer the information and the experience the participants gain to their colleagues. The quality of school as well as the quality of the service given to the students will increase with the participants' increasing information and experience. As an institution,we think experience and esteem are the most important features. In education,getting to know different systems,different cultures,interaction between the dialogues will contribute to our teachers and then to our students. We decided the project duration for two years in order not to disrupt the regular routine of the school. In our project, we are teachers from 7 different branches with our School Headmaster and project coordinator. School Headmaster Avni OZAN Project Coordinator Ayşe Çağla Özkan ( Technology and Design Teacher) Mathematics Teacher Alkan Dericioğlu and Duygu Kılçanlı Turkish Teacher Songül Gürsoy and Havva Eskici Technology and Design Teacher Süreyya Gezer Music Teacher Demet KATLAN Our English Teacher Nilüfer İşeri wanted to participate to the course,Developing Oral Fluency The Primary English Language Courses,to integrate different education and teaching methods to the lessons and to develop herself. As a scope of our project, School development team will be established. English course,minimum 120 hours,will be opened with an aim of developing the proficiency of personnel. The participants will have information about the country and the culture they will go before the course by doing a research.