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Fate or Negligence
Date du début: 10 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 9 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

By addressing the issue of workplace accident, which is one of the recent and most important problems of Turkey, the project aims to draw participants’ attention to this subject. Workplace accident is an important subject because it becomes a current issue not only in Turkey both also all over the world. With this project, the participants of project will approach workplace accidents with a wider perspective; they will interrogate reasons and outcomes of accidents and they will probe what precautions can be taken to prevent accidents and, at that point, which parties can take the responsibilities. To accomplish the purposes which are mentioned above, we will conduct our project with 35 participants and 8 leaders – 8 people from each country - from Spain, Lithuania, Romania, Malta and Turkey between the dates 2-16 September 2015 in Trabzon, Akçaabat. Ages of participants range from 18 to 30 and they were selected by considering gender balance. To accomplish the goals of project, the activities are the followings: We will have presentations. With the round-table meetings, participants will be asked for sharing knowledge about workplace accidents and exchanging ideas with themselves. There will be debates about what are the errors associated with workplace accidents and who are the responsible for them. Another activity that will be carried out is that there will be discussion sessions about the rights and responsibilities of workers. Moreover, participants will be asked to attend in dramas about workplace accidents. For instance; by depicting family environment of one of sufferer, they will be able to internalize situation in which workers are. To better comprehend the issue, workplace accident occurred in Turkey and in the world, and the interviews conducted with worker and their families will be watched and discussed. Furthermore, to increase the sensitivity about workplace accident; the project team and participants will prepare banners and organize meetings in the city where the project will be carried out. Participants will discuss how an ideal working environment should be and thanks to field trip with occupational expertise, they will discuss the situation of workplace in their own countries and what can be done to improve the situation. Working with the members of AKUT will be useful in that it indicates the importance of search and rescue operations and what can be done when encountering such situation. Apart from these, in our project, there will be discussions and working papers which are about integrating the victims of accidents into society, and what can be done for them not to isolate themselves from society. During the activities, participants will be asked to take initiative and involvement of participant will be provided in each stage of project. As it can be seen, interactive activities constitute a large part of project. We, as project team, believe at the end of project the sensitivities of participants about workplace accidents will increase and ones, who are interested in this topic before, will handle this issue in more detail. Variety in our activities enables participant to examine different dimension of workplace accident. When they returned to their countries, by setting up groups via social media, they will help increase awareness about accidents. They might carry more detailed activities in next semester or they even could establish NGOs. We, as project team, believe such activities could be a turning point in the lives of the people, and participants will be closely interested in this subject in their professional lives, and therefore take the initiative to improve the business environment. Also attracting the attention of people about the topic, participants will perhaps take more precautions related accidents in their country. Furthermore, there will be some social activities such as cultural nights, visiting natural and historical places, promoting Erasmus+ programs. Another aim of the project is to point out socialization and open-mindedness of the youngsters by giving each group a chance to introduce their culture to others. They will also learn to care the other participants' ideas and get a new viewpoint about other countries.



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