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FARVALDI - Action frontalière pour la conservation de l'agrobiodiversité régionale et pour la valorisation d'une différentiation identifiable des produits (FARVALDI)
Date du début: 31 déc. 2004, Date de fin: 30 mars 2008 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The EU strategy to prevent processes of genetic erosion of biodiversity, which includes agrobiodiversity, focuses on practical approaches for the preservation and sustainable usage of biodiversity. One of the negative effects of the intensive agricultural production introduced by the “green revolution” of the 1960s has been the irreversible loss of local varieties that had adapted over the centuries to local environments, developing genetic resistance to adverse climate conditions. The purpose of this project is to collect suitable plant material, evaluate it agronomically and genetically, preserve it ex situ and achieve its use in situ by local producers to obtain produce with a specific origin. Overall objective / Objectif général * Development of a practical approach to meet the worrying decline in biodiversity in islands in the south of the EU. * Contribution to the preservation and sustainable usage of agrobiodiversity. A methodological approach should be drawn up for sustainable, regional development based on diversified, organic agricultural production. * Promotion of new local products. In recent years consumers have tended to place priority on quality rather than quantity in food purchases. This leads to an increasing demand for agricultural products of specific origin. * The transfer and exchange of information, know-how and good practice serve as tools for regional development. * Such cooperation will serve to develop not only the agricultural production sector but also others such as tourism and trade. Expected results / Résultats attendus Transfer of know-how and experience, updating of new, local agricultural products in island regions to promote and obtain specific denominations, and the inclusion in seed banks of material for preservation and reproduction. Contribution to regional sustainable development through job creation, investment by businesses, exporters and producers of these new products. Contribution to protecting biological diversity and stopping the decline in biodiversity.



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