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Date du début: 10 mai 2015, Date de fin: 9 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Scout Association of Malt organised the 'Farm2Fork' youth exchange together with scout organisations from Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia and Spain. The project sought to give its participant the opportunity to participate in food chain path journey whilst learning about food, health and development issues. 32 youths and group leaders coming from diverse backgrounds participated in the youth exchange that happened in both Malta and Gozo. Amongst them where four youths that had fewer opportunities and that were integrated within the project. All of the participating youth increased their awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries, but more importantly got to learn about the topic of food from several perspectives using non-formal and informal methods. The main objectives of the project were: 1) To give youth the opportunity to discover a new topic using non-formal and informal methods. 2) Give a real sense of perspective to today's youths about the origins of food, its supply chain and sustainability. 3) Emphasise the importance of a change in how food is produced and the need to start making a change especially with regards to food waste 4) Promote the importance of outdoor activities and healthy lifestyles 5) Acquire important skills such as teamwork, leadership, organisational and scouting skills. The project took the participants on a varied journey from a food production plant, to a food village to exploring different methods of cooking. The activities included exposing the participants to different methods of cooking - such as "backwoods cooking", which involves cooking food underground; assisting farmers with milking sheep and picking tomatoes; understanding permaculture techniques, learning about food production from a business point of view; coming up with solutions against food waste; a food-themed treasure hunt; a boat trip to a Natura 2000 site; participating in archery and kayaking; camping and disseminating the results of the project via reach-out sessions to other young people at the end of the project. The activities were complemented by the necessary discussions and presentations by the participants themselves often in group format. As a result of the project, the participants and local people engaged within the project, raised their awareness about several issues such as food waste and food security through a unique international experience. Going outside of the scouting comfort zone and dealing with current important subject has lead the organisations to grow and improve their confidence in involving themselves in policy making. In the long term the project has changed the attitudes of the participants towards food and have encouraged them to become more active citizens on a national and EU level.



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