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Date du début: 10 août 2015, Date de fin: 9 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project involves young people, aged from 18 to 28. Participants will live together in a farm for seven days, during which they will actively live a country life. The project was born in order to give participants the opportunity to discover the ancient and old traditions tied to the country world. During the project young people will be the owner of the farm, they will have to plant, to farm, to take care of animals, knowing their needs and developing a deep sense of empathy with animals and nature. The project aims to reflect people how important is coming near the nature and the country life, in order to understand our primary needs and in order to relieve ourselves from "chains" that consumerism and technological progress impose on us. So, the project will be a journey in an old world, made up by tradition, values and deep contact with nature, environment and animals. In our society we all live without knowing and appreciating the basic values of life, as we are always in a whirl, which doesn't allow us to rest and think to clear and pure meaning of things. For that reason, the project aims to form and to train participants for a good relationship with land, ground and nature, to know the origin of food, to understand the relationship among man – environment – land, to re-discover the ancient traditions of country life of each country that will take part in our project, to develop a consciousness of respect for nature and animals. By this experience participants will develop sense of cooperation and mutual understanding, and they will know deep and actively the tradition and the culture of other people and other country. Appreciating country life traditions of other countries can help perceiving cultural diversity as a positive aspect. Participants will be involved in an active method. Through non – formal education approach they will always be the protagonist of each activity, by doing, by observing and by discovering. They will express themselves by creativity and manual skill, conveying their thoughts, ideas and cultural aspect in an atmosphere of cooperation, mutual understanding and positive dialogue. Before the project each participants will arrange something about the topic, focusing on their national traditions and uses in the country life.



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