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Date du début: 1 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

With the project our aim is to combine the people together different countries who has different emotion and thought from different countries with the rythm of universal language of music. our projecet was designed for the most important problem of the youth that is unhsappiness. Music therapy has gained a scientific and methodical way nowadays. As known one of the most important modern subject of pyschology is to regain the problem people to the society and provide their relation with the real world. As e result the musical therapys effects get a big importance and meaning to developing youth life. Dancing that is our project subject is so healty besides enjoyable ways. We can put in order its usefullnes. 1. Dancing helps your hearth health. ıt is benefical for the people who has cardiououscular problem. 2. It provides to lose weights. 3. Dancing increases your energy. 4. It helps you to feel happy. 5. Dancing eliminates stress and depression 6. It increases self. 7. It develop memory. 8. Dancing fights against alzheimers. 9.Dancing develops Intelligence. Our different voices and the same rhythm project will cour with the participate of five different countries; Bulgaria, Lithuania, Greek, Croatio and Turkey. This project include 50 people the 9 of the young people from 15 and 30 and a group leader. With our project the young people from different countries also has different culture will obtain a big chance to learn each others culture. At the same time each country will have chance to teach its own language and culture to the participants in the project. İn this contents we have an encouraging attitude towards to participants about learning new language with happy young people we display optimistic and productive attitude to the society. In this respect we arrange cultural educatıonal and art activities. At the end of the project we will give Youtpass certificate and Europass autobiography planned activites give both mental and psysical achievements. The rich expression power of music and combination engage participants at the same platform and in projec activites. Youtpass certificate has 8 basic tems. This project support Turkish young people about Europe and European citizenship. At the of the project activites young people share pleasure, sadness,enthusiasm. The young people from European Union will notice they have commen culture with our young people and will feel responsbility aganist the Europeo. In local level we expect from Turkish young people to understand European Union. In our project as we use english as a languagein this area.



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