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FANTASTIC NIGHT - open the doors to your neighbour scientists! (FANTASTICNIGHT)
Date du début: 1 mai 2013, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"AbstractFantastic Researchers’ Night again in Poznan! You cannot miss it! Come and uncover the secrets of scientists and researchers during FANTASTIC NIGHT! Open the doors to your good neighbours – researchers! Become a researcher for one night and construct DNA helix, have a ride in 3D helmet, design your own clothes or learn the secrets of Eco-robots! Feel like dancing or singing? Come and sing karaoke songs with researchers and at the end dress up like a famous scientist and dance with us cha-cha or jive. Feel like doing some sport? Come and play soccer with our researchers under the moonlight or check your playing abilities in the complete darkness! These and many other attractions are waiting for you to reveal your passion for science and convince you that researchers are just ordinary people with an extraordinary job and various hobbies!FANTASTICNIGHT is a continuation of the Researchers’ Night projects of the past six years, which were highly successful gathering last year app. 56.000 people willing to meet researchers face to face and to learn new things about their work and personal lives. The project, promoting an image of researchers, builds on last years’ experiences and aims at enhancing further public recognition of researchers and their work by bringing them closer to the public, underlying their important contribution to the daily life and well being of the European citizens. Activities organised during the Night on 27 September 2013 will be focused on public at large and will have even more hassle-free and festive character, being a valid alternative to ""traditional Friday night activities"" while allowing learning more about researchers and research. Those activities will offer a direct contact between researchers and public, combine fun and education elements (edutainment), try to link together Nights organised in different cities and ensure an active and direct involvement of the visitors in activities."



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