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fairy tales bridges
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Children's tales, written or told, bring learning adventures about cultural heritage, differences and, more importantly points in common with the people in different cultures. They teach us the basics of human values that promote respect, solidarity, understanding of one's own identity, fostering a sense of belonging to a local and wider community. With this project we wanted to show that there are universal emotions that all people possess, irrespective of where we live, what kind of education or social status we have. At the same time they allow much space to develop critical thinking in individuals. All the aims of the project were realized by reading and understanding the fairy tales from all partners involved. The fairy tales that we processed and interpreted were from Slovenia, Denmark, Portugal and also 3 tales from the Middle East. The goals of the youth exchange were met in the following ways: • Implementation of international youth exchange, which will be an integral part of a larger local event (festival) The participants of the youth exchange picked our three fairy tales to interpret in to theater plays. The fairy tales were the following : Slovenian- The water man, Portuguese - The prince and the unfortunate princess and Danish- The swineherd. The participants together with their group leaders worked in mixed groups and developed three theater play that letter on they spontaneously presented at the local »Fairytale Festival- Dream Land« on 21.5.2016 • Implementation of mixed activities, which will be open to the local community, in the context of a local event (for example - theater, puppetry, circus, photo exhibition, video content, animation, or other) Besides carrying out the theater plays the participants of the youth exchange also did three street actions (promotions). The first promotion was done in front of the youth center in Trbovlje as a »practice«. Second street action was done at the local market, where the participants were dressed in their costumes and did a improvisation created by the participants. The third action was done in the form of a parade, a walk to the park where the Fairy tale festival was taking place. The participants walked in rows singing and dancing. • Discussion and presentation of the above topics through three diverse tools (costumes, storytelling, cooking) The youngsters of the exchange discussed topics of understanding, tolerance and national heritage trough the use of theater, costume making and photography ( for the Middle east fairy tale) • Execution of at least 4 local activities in all countries in the period leading up to and after the exchange. It is not only meeting of national groups, but it is at least 2 public activities, which may involve the wider local community. Each of the national groups presented the project of the youth exchange in their local community. The Slovenian team did a street action for promoting the exchange, Portuguese team presented the project in their local youth center and the Danish team did a animation with the kids in the local school. • Processing four fairy tales chosen by the youth (3 from partner countries + 1 in the area of the Middle East) As mentioned young people have chosen the fairy tale together with their national groups and processed them in to performances. The fairy tales from the Middle East was processed trough the method of "photo-comic". They worked in mixed groups, read and processed the following tales: "Scorpion and the Frog," "The fortuneteller and the Wolf" and "The Two Brothers".The participants first read the fairy tales and found a connection between their own culture and the culture of the Middle East. After understanding each tale, they places the tales in the modern day and did a series of photographs that tell the fairy tale in the form of a comic. • Implementation of the Youthpass workshops with the aim of getting familiar with the competencies and certified Youthpass In the first days of the exchange we prepared a Youthpass workshop trough the menthod » youthpass islands« in this way the participants where familliar with the competences that they already had and realised how to gain new ones. At the last day of the exchange we helped the participants prepare the youthpass. • Carrying our reflections and evaluation The reflections where an important part of the youth exchange. We made time for national group reflections and reflections for all the participants about the learning process. At the last day of the exchange we did the final evaluation of the project. • Preparing a plan how to carry on with the project after the exchange is over and build on partnerships Through the exchange we made a firmer partnership with the local theater organization »Svoboda«. In the future we wish to apply together with the partners of this project for a training in the filed of theater.



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