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Fairy Tale For Creativity
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 29 févr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project contain using the fairy tale as tool for creativity, telling the importance of creativity in social and business life, realization interculturel learning, conribute to participants self-confidence and create the social awareness about the project topic. Our project targets; using fairy tale and some tools to provide improving imagination and creativity at participants, contribute to abatement the youth unemployment to create the spirit of enterpreneurship at participants, create the social awareness about the importance of fairy tale as a tool to constitute the imagination and creativity. In totaly 30 participants from 5 different country participated in our project. The project participant youngs are chosen in between 15-30 years old people. There is no upper limit for group leaders that will participate each country. The project activities realizated between 02-11 December 2015 dates. Non-formal & Informal learning methods were used in all project activities for active participating and ultimate learning. Hereby we provided the learning by doing at our participants. We used the enegizers and team building games to provide the active participating. There are include the activities like brainstorming, theatric study, creativity workshops, interculturel leerning activities, interview with local people, simulation games. A fairy tale book constituted by participants at the end of project. That fairy tale book was shared with the other social fractions by project parthners as using several communication channels. The project fairy tale that writen by project participants presented by project participants as a theatre performance. we are of the opinion that the using fairy tale increased as a tool for imagination and creativity studies due to the dissemination working of project.



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