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Fair Signs - Fair Work!
Date du début: 1 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In the focus of the project “Fair Signs – Fair Works!” there are two two-weeks long inclusive and vocational meetings, each for 28 deaf, hard of hearing and well hearing young people from Germany and Poland. Background The project is aimed towards the crossing point of the vocational support, inclusion and diversity pedagogic and of the transcultural meeting. It is aimed towards an overlapping empowerment of disadvantaged and disabled young people and their equal participation in professional life. This is how the project has a direct connection with the aim of the EU Youth strategy to support social integration and to make successful transfers into profession possible. Taking into account that this is a transcultural vocational qualification a key competence “International Decision Making” is also supported here, as well as the interest to foreign languages and further mobile learning and vocational experiences. Besides, a positive understanding of the civil diversity and European solidarity as well as reduction of prejudice is actively promoted through the meeting. Thanks to the focus on the rights of employees and fairness at the working place the young people get sensitized to these topics and thus can be more informed and stand for their rights more self-confident. Aims There are following aims to list briefly: • To escort successful transfers into profession • To support employment through empowerment: to reinforce young people in their occupational plans by practical successful experience and new learning experience • To support the international competence of the disadvantaged and disabled young people through integration of this target group into international youth exchange • To sensitize for fair working conditions and reinforce young people to stand for them • To create transcultural meeting and to encourage for team work, participation and democratic decision making process • To support understanding of the diversity and variety as a chance, especially in sense of sign language and the culture of deaf people in Germany and Poland Project realization: The 12-14 of April 2016: The support of the profession and inclusive, transcultural meeting – a seminar for partner’s contact for multiplicators from Germany and Poland. The 24-30 of April 2016: What`s Cooking? – Gastronomical vocational exchange The 12-18 of June 2016 Fair Signs – I want this! The number and the profile of the participants 28 young people from Germany and Poland can take part in both youth exchanges. “Fair Signs – I want this!” is aimed towards 14-18 year olds with any professional orientation. Young people from 16 to 25 who are getting a qualification or are going to get one in gastronomy or home economics can take part in “What’s Cooking?”. At least half of the participants are deaf or hard of hearing and can speak German or Polish sign language. The participants may have social disadvantages and/or disabilities. The participation is aimed towards young people with different backgrounds. Results, impacts and long-term benefits The inclusive vocational training is constructed to give a possibility and to give an experience. This will be a very formative step for all participants in their lives. This is what reassures a multiplication effect. An action-oriented and conscious experience-open pedagogical approach of the project motivates the participants to take their professional future into their hands and promote fairness in their working conditions.



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