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Fair Play: Dealing with gender issues in International Voluntary Service (IVS)
Date du début: 15 mai 2015, Date de fin: 14 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Fair Play - Dealing with Gender Issues in IVS" is a training course aimed to give youth workers knowledge, skills and tools to work with issues related to gender, sexuality and LGBTIQ, as well to solve gender based-conflicts and misunderstanding when they occur. Target group of this project are workcamp leaders and youth workers whoa re staff of the member organizations of Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations. As a network of 50 member organization, we are initiating this project in order to raise awareness over the gender related issues and initiate a deeper discussion within the network on this specific aspect of conflict which occurs in our international voluntary projects. This objective has several levels: - personal values, perceptions and stereotypes - raising awareness on gender issues - developing skills to deal with gender based conflicts in International Voluntary Service - multiplying effect in the participants' own organisations and their daily work - active anti-discrimination work and creating a positive change in surrounding society In this training course we will go beyond the international youth encounter and reflect individually on ourselves not only in terms of culture but also in terms of gender and diversity in the European Union, Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans. We will design an accessible training course, by providing opportunity to mothers with small children to participant, by providing a child-care for them, as they are often not able to leave homes for a full week of activities abroad, due to patriarchal value system which obliges women in majority of the countries to take care of their children without support of others. We will make sure to provide a safe and inclusive space for self-reflection, competence building, exchange of experiences and good practices and to discuss the impact of socially constructed gender roles and heteronormativity in society on all of us. We want to provide youth organisations with the tools to increase awareness and understanding of gender as a key cultural factor among their members, volunteers and in local communities and to combat discrimination against women and LGBTIQ people. This eight day training will take place in Germany (venue still to be discussed) in July 2015. It will involve 30 participants from 11 countries who are active in the field of international youth work or social work in the Eastern Europe, Balkans and the European Union.



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