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Facing Europe: understanding and comprehending EU institutions
Date du début: 1 mai 2012,

“Facing Europe” is a Democracy project for youth that aims to show the real face of the EU to its young citizens. The duration of the project is 8 months (01.05.2012 - 30.12.2012) and its implementation actions will take place from 1 till 9 September 2012, when 30 young people from 6 different countries (Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Latvia, Malta, Sweden) and 12 different organizations will gather at Athens in order to participate in a programme full of activities.Facing means understanding the decision making process and simultaneously comprehending each European state’s attitude towards issues of European nature. Currently, the European youth does not fully understand the way EU makes decisions and at the same there is a growing miscomprehension of EU’s role. European youngsters have the perception that there is democratic deficit and a wide gap between Brussels and EU citizens which results in indifference and resignation. Via our project European youth by a eight months structure dialogue process, they will come in contact with EU’s function and thoroughly understand the decision making process in relation with each country’s national claims. On a technical level our project will be based on 3 operational pillars- Preparation, Activity and Dissemination. In this context, through non-formal education methods activities the participants will do their homework, will be informed by experts in a day seminar about EU institutions function after the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty and finally have the great opportunity to take part in a simulation of European Council on EU immigration policy.In our project young people will be face to face with EU institutions. And when we are speaking about politics and Democracy, information and action are the best ways to be understood. Participants will be informed by experts about European Parliament and European Commission and what their new role is today after Lisbon Treaty. Morever the participants will have the great chance to be a part of a European Commission simulation. Like real prime ministers they will have to make their preparation. Facing Europe” has a double meaning as also the volunteers will face the real European face by facing each other. Who said “Give Europe a Face”? We say See Europe’s face, as that face exists and it is a very attractive one. Mrs Angela Merkel said that multi-cultural society failed. We say that our approach in the intercultural society failed. We just need to open our eyes and look around. 30 volunteers from 6 different countries are the Face of Europe, each one and all together as an intercultural mosaic, as beautiful as Europe.



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