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Facilitation Skills for Youth Workers and NGO Leaders (2nd Etition)
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“Facilitation Skills for youth workers and NGO Leaders” is an 9 days Training Course that will be implemented in Terceira Island (Azores Region) from 8 to 16 of March 2016. The training was designed for young NGO workers from 10 European Islands that work in the youth field and aim to empower their skills in the field of facilitation of groups and activities. The main aim of this training is to Strength the role of youth work and Non Formal Education in employability by training new 25 Facilitators in the field of Non Formal Education and Experiential Learning participants have the chance to further develop their competences as a facilitator.Is also direct to youth works that want to raise their employability and gain new skills which will help them to raise self-esteem, to encourage them to take an more active role in society, to develop ideas and plans for opening and leading their own businesses and/or to raise their chances of getting employed in a more sustainable way. The Training for facilitators and NGO workers will involve 25 youth leaders, youth workers, volunteers, mentors and facilitators from 10 different European Islands of 10 countries, and the main aims of the Training are: - To experiment different Group Facilitation Methods and empower youth facilitators in implementing quality training activities using participatory methods; - To develop facilitation skills and competencies in working with non-formal education above all at local level and disadvantaged areas like the islands and interior of each country;- To share and exchange participatory methods and good practices in order to improve team work and group creativity; - To provide a non-formal environment where facilitators can work in a cooperative way; - To provide the opportunities for networking with partners interested in participative approaches; - To find creative ways to involve facilitators in non-formal education and enhance motivation. The methodology will be based on the mutual cooperation between participants from different backgrounds and settings, invited them at exchanging proposals and working methods contributing to the European debate on validation and certification of non formal learning. During the Training will be approached different methods offered by the European framework of Non Formal Education: Group Dynamics and team buildings, Learning by experience methods, Open Space Technology, Theatre of the Oppressed, Learning Circles, Role play Games, Outdoors Activities, Scenarios simulations, round tables and facilitation workshops.



9 Participants partenaires