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Fachsprache anwenden-kulturelle Unterschiede überwinden
Date du début: 1 juil. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project ’Using language to overcome cultural differences` aims to strengthen the practical, job-related competence of our students, who are training to become certified multilingual administrative assistants. Students at our training college acquire comprehensive language skills; however, they need the experience of working abroad in order to be able to use and hone these skills. Living and working in the UK, France or Spain will give the students an insight into the business culture of the country they are in. They will have the opportunity to expand their experience in dealing with foreign business partners by doing work placements, immersing themselves in the culture of the host country, meeting different people, going on excursions, and simply getting a taste of everyday life. Prior to the internship, the students put the language skills they have already attained at our college into practice with the trainers in the partner organisation abroad. In this way, they can intensify their knowledge of the language and increase their confidence. The students also gain an insight into all the facets of everyday life in the country of their choice by living there for several weeks, especially if they choose to live with a family. Thus any ‘latent’ prejudices can be broken down, and intercultural competence, which is so important in international business relationships, is strengthened.We plan to send per year three trainees to France, four to Spain and eight to the UK. The participants are all students at the Nürnberger Fremdsprachenschule, a training college for foreign languages, and are very well prepared for a stay in a foreign country. They have a very good language skills, especially in the field of business and commercial correspondence. However, they often have considerable inhibitions when it comes to speaking, and an internship abroad would contribute substantially towards overcoming these fears. The projects are carried out in cooperation with partner organisations abroad who already have contacts with companies, administrative bodiesand other organisations offering internship places. These partners supervise and mentor the trainees locally.We believe that work placement certificates and especially the European Skills Passport will increase a student’s chances on the national and international job market long-term.


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