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Face the Race!
Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

?Face the Race!? project was focusing on developing competencies of intercultural learning and human rights education multipliers by equip them with adequate knowledge, attitudes and skills for developing and implementing educational projects for various target groups to fight racism, intolerance and discrimination in our societies. The main goal of the project was to develop the skills and competencies of youth workers and trainers to contribute to prepare, deliver and evaluate intercultural learning or human rights education activities for youth in relation with various problematic situations they might experience in their own communities. It is an 8 days long training course organised in Budapest, Hungary with 26 participants and 6 trainers/facilitators/experts/logistic assistants from the following countries: Hungary, Spain, United Kingdom, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco and Lebanon. During the training methods of the non- formal and informal education were used, such as individual, pair and group work, creative workshops, simulation and situation games, problem solving and debate exercises, presentations and discussions. Through the sessions of the training the participants hold discussions, make videos, posters and theater plays based on their sense about racism. In the life we are leading now segregation, xenophobia, discrimination and many other forms of negative human interaction are widely spreading. Accordingly, working on belittling such behaviors is a matter of priority because it is affecting the livelihood of people on daily basis. Therefore, throughout our training course we were targeting two things; first, understanding the cause of such acts and second the best practices to avoid and fight them with young people. The training course gathered together 26 young people from 7 different countries in order to provide educational & theoretical background on how to work with young people to combat racism and build tolerance and equality. Furthermore during the project we evaluated exciting human rights educational tools and developed new tools and methods to be used in non-formal educational framework to combat racism and discrimination. Following the training course our participants are empowered youth workers who dare to fight against racism and are willing to take actions in their local communities to promote values such as social inclusion, tolerance and empathy.



6 Participants partenaires