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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Eurostat statistics show an impressive unemployment rate in the eurozone with peaks in the younger age groups, especially in Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal. In contrast, the hospitality industry proves to be one of the most dynamic employability sectors with about 20 million jobs and an insistence up to 12% on EU GDP employing 5.2% of the European workforce. The quality and quantity of tourism services, including catering, influence travel choices even versus the opening of new destination worldwide and the new aggressive economies. It is therefore essential to release in the labour market highly qualified personnel, especially of young age. EXPRESS YOURSELF Transnational mobility project addresses this objective by: • Improving linguistic fluency in both the technicality and the oral production. • Improving and complete of the skills pre acquired skills. • Stimulating personal skills for an active job search, mobility and flexibility of labour markets and entrepreneurial skills. • Awareness of their attitudes and ambitions. • Providing participants with better employment opportunities in both the territory of origin and abroad. • empowering the concept of European citizenship and of the economic values connected to it . • Testing and developing of the tools for transparency and recognition of credits through the identification of units or training modules to be assessed individually. • Developing and or toughening the dialogue between VET and the labour market through the active participation in the preparation and drafting of thecertification tools. The recipients of this action are both youngsters in initial vocational training and newly qualified / recent graduates in the hospitality industry - chefs, maitre / commis as well as hospitality professionals, aged between 16 and 19 / 20 years. For the first ones internship abroad is an integral part of the training, for the latter the measure has the character of completing the training at the time of the release on the labour market. The action is guided by the principle of Mutual Trust provided by ECVET tool, from the Quality Cycle EQAVET and is based on the established partnership organizational / logistics expertise acquired thanks to previous mobility experiences. The project duration is fixed in two years in order to allow a better implementation and verification of the ECVET instruments. The project involves an internship of 4 weeks in Spain, Malta and Germany for participants of Category 1 - young people in initial vocational training - and 12 weeks for the young newly qualified / recent graduates, spent almost entirely in the company except for guest the first 3 days of induction orientation.


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