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Expert of Territory Enogastronomy And Marketing
Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 30 juin 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The EX TEAM Project is the natural progression of the transnational educational / training activities carried out by the previous IVT projects ( named TEAM AND HOSPITALITY) which took place in 2010-2012 and 2012-2014 respectively and have been promoted by our school. A total of 42 teachers and adults from partners specially the society of Troodos responsible of the development of the rural area and 42 teachers will be in mobility for practice in the context of serving and promoting typical products of various areas of EU. After the analysis of the territory, its traditions and the typicality of its products which was carried out by the TEAM project, a study of the opportunities of the synergies between the formative and productive chains was lately developed by the EX TEAM Project. Nowadays with the new project we aim at developing a competence which can be used in Cyprus and European perspective as well and promote both the tourist reception and the food and agricultural products. The main objective is to update the professional educational offer according to the food market needs, export of quality Cypriot products and Tourist reception in general but specifically of the rural territory. This also will encourage the birth of a network between schools and firms useful to improve communication and cooperation. Guided visits, businesses, different cooperative forms and phases are the means to reach higher standards, to design training and professional activities (work-related learning) which could provide the acknowledgement and validation of new qualifications in a transnational setting. Starting from this, the figure of a school tutor promoted and acknowledged by the ECVET system and able to plan mobilities among local, national and transnational chains is strongly needed. Moreover the school tutor should develop new high-qualified Educational and Professional Training (EPT) figures, competent and trained in order to find new job opportunities by work-related learning routes in national and international contexts. As a final result this Teaching modules should be accomplished in order to acquire further competences in communication and negotiation techniques (especially for the food and touristic sector). Participants during the implementation of mobility, place the following activities: job shadowing , observation , exchange of good practices , involvement in planning meetings , monitoring, audit and evaluation activities alternation between school work and school tutor tutor business partners host , case studies / experiences / implementation of systems for recognition of qualifications in Europe, deepening of European training combined school and work, in particular , the dual system. In this way we realized the synergy between education and production , at the same time broadening the scope of activities and promoting an effective and concrete participation in active citizenship. Participants will: design Competence Unit (modules) can be capitalized , independent on the basis of a methodology repeatable , transferable and improved, aiming for certification and recognition of qualifications (application ECVET ) ; integrating best practices and skills acquired for the optimization of the combined school and work in the field of transnational activity of vocational education and training curriculum in order to develop a better connection between formal and non-formal . The relevance of the project is to produce high quality learning outcomes and to promote the development of transnational co-operation between the European partners. . Furthermore, for the students to negotiate and interact in a such multi linguistic context it is necessary to know and use the specific communicative non-verbal features which are used to promote the local territory.



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